Friday, July 24, 2009

Stupid People

I was in a pretty decent mood at work this week, all things considered. I’M SO GLAD IT’S REALLY FRIDAY though, Angela. Tuesday, however, was the exception. I think I emailed Charron about a million little gripes and complains all day long. It was amusing to her, but I just annoyed with, literally, everyone I came in contact with. (No comments necessary about how that’s no different from any other day of my week!) I could write a book about all the annoying things about my job, or customers in general, but here are just a few from the week that I thought would be slightly entertaining. At least for anyone who has ever worked in a bank, or even with the general public for that matter. People are stupid. Yes. All of them. :)


  1. The Jerk- a man was cashing at $7000 check. I asked him if he would like large bills, he said “yes.” So after counting out 70 $100 bill I asked him if there was anything else I could do for him. He proceeded to count out $1000. “I’d like this in 50s. “Ok,” I said, and counted out the 20 $50 bills. I mean, maybe he decided during the count to 70 that he wanted something slightly smaller. After that, he counted out another $1000 and said he’s like 20s. My patience were wearing thin and the look on my face had to have said so. So, I counted back the 50 $20 bills. Thinking he was done, I said, “ok, have a nice day.” No. No. He wasn’t done yet. He counted out another $1000 and stated that he wanted this is 10s and 5s. After I counted all of that out, with a very obvious look of disgust, he said “thanks” and walked away. By that point my blood was boiling and I wanted to say to him… “the next time I ask you if you want big bills, DON’T SAY YES if you are just going to turn around and make me count out NOT BIG BILLS to you!!!!!!”
  2. The pregnancy questions I’m over- Yes I’m pregnant. No I don’t have a little something extra than I did the last time you saw me. You’re a regular customer, you see me at least every two weeks, if not more. But, yes I’m showing more than I was three weeks ago. That happens as the baby grows. I don’t really think it’s any of your business if it’s my first, if it’s a boy or a girl, or when I am due. It’s REALLY not any of your business how old I am or if my husband is excited about having a boy. And YES! I realize that I’m going to “be pregnant during the hot Florida summer months.” But guess what? The best part about it… I don’t have to talk to you people during the holidays  and pretend I care about your shopping and dinner plans! :)
  3. The STENCH – I know it’s the sticks of Green Cove and the country and all but seriously would it kill you to take a shower? Or use some deodorant or cologne or body splash or a BREATH MINT!?! I’m not even kidding you, when I say what I’m about to say. One man came to my window this week, gave me cash to make a payment on his credit card. Fine. But it was all folded up, and moist. I wanted to vomit when I touched it. But that wasn’t the best part. No. No. The best part was the BUG that crawled out of the cash!!!! Yes! Not only was the money nasty wet money, but it was bug infested wet money. Seriously, it was like straight out of Men In Black with the cockroach alien in the morgue. You know, when he put his hand on the counter and the roaches crawl out of his sleeves… yeah, just like that. But the bug crawled out of the wet money. :::chills running down my spine:::
  4. The Blamer- I’m sorry you’re a moron and can’t add and subtract to keep track of your bank account. I really am. It’s unfortunate. Really. But think before you speak. I did not force you to go to the RedBox. I did not overdraw your account. I did not charge you the overdraft fees. I will not refund you anything, especially if you keep speaking to me like that. I cannot refund you money that you authorized some online magazine to debit from your account. You have to take it up with them. We, as in the bank, are only here to store your money temporarily before it leaves your hand and goes into the hand of the vendor. Why is it NEVER the account holders fault? It’s either mine or the business they owe money to?
  5. The Non-Account-Holder- These are some of my favorite people in the world. :::Note of subtle sarcasm::: DO NOT yell at me and tell me that it’s ridiculous to charge you money to “cash my own check.” For starters, I did not write you the check, so it’s not my check. It’s still yours. I work at a business. The objective of most businesses is to make money. If you go to a car wash and they want to charge you $10 to wash your car, you pay it. You don’t complain and gripe that it’s water and water should be free. No. They are providing you a service, you are paying for that service. I am providing you with a service. That service is cashing your check. So yes, I am going to charge you to cash your check. That’s the perk to having a bank account and not dealing with cash all the time. And don’t try to tell me that ABC Bank doesn’t charge or XYZ Credit Union doesn’t charge to cash checks. I worked at a company that took me to just about every bank and credit union in the greater Clay County area, they ALL charge. Angela can vouch for me on this one. She used to work at my biggest competitor and we’d compare horror stories. She’s probably reading this right now laughing and agreeing with every word I am saying. Needless to say, we have more than a little bit in common with each other. It’s one of the reason I love her SO MUCH! :) She’s smiling now.

That concludes this edition of Stupid People.


  1. Oh. My. Gosh..... I'm sorry, Devin.

  2. I'm sorry, Devin?!?!?! You guys sit in an office all day playing darts!

  3. Amen sister...

    When I worked at a certain large credit union, during training they remind you that not everyone gets to work indoors all day so some customers may ummmm not smell like they work in doors all day. Ewwww....

    And I used to work on the MSR side of the credit union so I used to have fun going line by line over the statement asking them "did you buy this?" then adding it up and showing how much they spent vs. how much they had. Since they already said they made the purchase they know they are overdrawn.

  4. I work at Regions....AMEN AMEN and AMEN to all of your stories!! Atleast being a teller gives us PLENTY of stories to talk about...never a dull moment!

  5. You are funny....and yes, I was smiling. But like you say in your next post -- only 100 more days!!

  6. AH YES #3. I worked at a Savings and Loan and a lady came in with a big black purse, you know the old lady type, black patten leather and big gold buckle on the top. Any way she set it down on the counter and opened up and it was full of paper and what not. And then her friends started coming out to visit! It was crawling with roaches...YUCK!!!! EWWWW....and I had to touch that check that was soiled and and....DISGUSTING!