Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordy Wednesday–Justin and Lana are NINE months old!

Every time… I can’t believe my twins are NINE MONTHS OLD! At the nine month well check they both ended up having ear infections. So we get to go back for their shots! Yay! :/

  • Stats:
    • Justin 17lb 10oz (20%) 28inches (40%)

      • 6-9 month Shorts
      • 6-9 and 12 month shirts and rompers
      • Seven teeth
    • Lana 19lb 12oz (80%) 28inches (70%)

      • Mostly 12 month clothes but a few brands are 18 months
      • Two teeth
    • Size 3 Diapers
  • Take two naps a day – and talk to each other when they wake up

  • In bed for the night between 7:30 and 8:30 depending on how the day and evening go
  • Usually up by 7:00
  • Nurse 4-5 times a day
  • In the Bunny class at church
  • These kids are crawling machines! Both pull themselves up on anything or anyone they can get their hands on. Justin has started cruising up and down the couch and will walk with the Thomas Train :)

  • They are pretty good eaters. I still think they would be ok if they ate only yogurt forever. It’s the one thing they have never turned down.


  • Starting to enjoy bath time a little bit more

  • Babbling and talking up a storm
    • Justin has started saying “Muma” and “Dada”
    • I get Dada when he’s happy and Mumamamama when he’s upset
  • Play really well with each other… most of the time

Seriously, I love these kids more every day. I love that Collin loves these kids more every day. And I love watching them together learning new things. It just doesn’t get old.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lunchtime Cuties

My Lovies having lunch :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Terrific Twos

Collin has always been a really good kid. Yeah, he has his moments of not listening and wanting to do his own thing, but nothing major. I can usually talk to him and he understands what he's doing wrong and corrects his behavior. The last week an a half though, I don't know where MY Collin went. A combination of going on vacation (an actual post on that to come at some point in the future), not playing with kids his own age in a couple weeks, and Devin leaving on a work trip for a few days just did not do him well. It's been a rough around here lately and I'm hoping it's a phase that he is about to leave quickly. Not only is he making me and himself miserable, but Justin and Lana feed off of that too.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kr8zY eIgHtS^2

I really can’t complain about anything in my life right now. I have three amazing kids. They all nap well, sleep at night, play well together, eat pretty good, and are overall just happy kids.

Everyday I remember things that Collin was doing and how much fun he was becoming each day. I have that fun feeling all over again with Justin and Lana. They are learning and doing so much it’s bittersweet how fast it is going.

  • The very next day after I posted that neither Justin nor Lana had any teeth, BAM just like that Justin has one. A Couple days later he has two on the bottom. A week or so later he’s got one on the top and now the second one on top has just broken though. Four. Justin has four teeth. Lana on the other hand… none.


  • Crawling. Crawling. Crawling. Justin gave up on the paralyzed legs army crawl he was doing and realized he’s much faster if he really crawls. Just a day or so later Lana really started moving too. Both of are fast little boogers. I can leave them in the living room to throw diapers away and come back and hunt them down.
  • Pulling up on anything and everything. I have to keep the downstairs gate closed again because they started pulling up on it and have been trying to kick their legs up on things to climb. Justin has made it into the dishwasher and onto the couch (with the cushion missing) I haven’t actually seen him do it, but I turn around and BAM here he is with a big smile on his face. They are also figuring out the stairs. It’s all happening so fast!!


  • Starting to cruise
  • Both are wearing 9 month clothes and a few 12 month pieces.
  • Sleeping so well! They usually go to bed about 8:00, some days 7:30, some days 8:30. Usually up about 6:30 or 7:00 and take a morning nap somewhere between 9:00 and 10:00 for an hour or two. I’m trying to keep it closer to one hour (I know I’m crazy) because they only sleep for an hour in the afternoon… while Collin takes a two plus hour nap. I’d love to have two hours to myself in the afternoon.
  • They nurse 5-7 times a day
  • Had their first Easter – and looked so stinkin’ cute



  • Eat like they are starving children, which obviously is not the case. I can’t even list the things they eat now. While they both like to pick things up and eat on their own, Justin prefers it a little more than Lana does. I’m pretty sure both could survive on yogurt alone.
    • The faces Lana makes during dinner, really are priceless…


  • They are starting to enjoy the park and being outside more

IMG_0098 IMG_0105


  • They are starting to “talk” more, but I still, try as I might, can’t get them to say Mama or Dada. The closest I get to any actual words are the occasional “heeeeeey” when I walk into their room and they are standing up in their beds.

IMG_0403  IMG_0404

  • I think they are beginning to understand kisses. But I can’t ask for a kiss on demand and get on all the time.
  • Started taking baths in the BIG bathtub… we basically bipassed the ducky tub. It’s much more efficient to have two -or three- in the tub all at the same time.