Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Twins’ Shower

I seriously have the best group of friends ever on the face of the planet. Since I’m not getting out a whole lot, just me and Collin, anymore, I’ve had more people come to me and Collin :) Last week I asked Sarah, Brittany, and Ashley to bring the kids over for a play date and just get some adult conversation and interaction. Little did I know what they had been plotting.

I took them upstairs to see the wreck of a loft area and the twins unfinished nursery. Brittany saw boxes of clothes and said “OOH! Let’s have some fun and sort these!” If you don’t know Brittany, cleaning and organizing is her thing. A good comparison would be Monica from FRIENDS. She hosts a party 268434_2140527480398_1462501055_32329696_6744871_nat her house and when you ask to what you can do to help her, she says, “Are you kidding me? You had your party, now I get to have mine!” So these three lovely ladies took over my house last week. They organized my loft: separated things that needed to go into the attic, baby items, boxed and labeled Collin’s old clothes, toys, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed and just made the upstairs livable. Downstairs, Sarah cleaned out our refrigerator. (Talk about embarrassing!) When I say cleaned out, I mean took everything out and wiped the shelves and drawers and tossed what needed to be tossed and then did the dishes. Before they left I had a very clean house. And as they left, said, “we’ll finish when we come back next week.” NEXT WEEK?!

Next week meant the shower! I have to admit, that the girls in our Sunday School class somehow manage to outdo themselves each time another shower is thrown. (A little unspoken friendly competition perhaps???? ;) ) I 269446_2140526040362_1462501055_32329686_788893_ndidn’t think that Brittany and Ashley could top what they did for me at Collin’s shower, but they did. With the help of Sarah and Angela this time.  Ashley and Angela made some awesome food, Sarah’s cup cakes ~adorable!!!~ and Brittany and Sarah’s 282743_2140527120389_1462501055_32329694_6075298_ndecorations, too cute for words. The shower was at my house after church on Sunday afternoon. But I wasn’t allowed to be at my own house for several hours? Yeah, they kicked me, Devin, Collin and my mom and brother out of the house for a little more than two hours between the time we got back from church and the time the shower started at 3:00.

Bradley took Collin to his house for the afternoon and a nap, well, what turned out to be a 20 minute power nap for the car ride. (Sorry about that284819_2140527680403_1462501055_32329697_6742661_n Brudder!) I really don’t have words to describe how I felt that afternoon, other than blessed and loved. All these ladies bringing us diapers, clothes, and all kinds of baby goodies for a second/third time. After all the fun and shenanigans were over and most everyone had left the girls went into attack mode. You never would have known there was a party of 20+ ladies at my house. And you would really never know that any gifts were involved. In addition to cleaning everything up, again, they took all the loot upstairs to the babies’ room and helped unload and organize it. Tags came off clothes and were ready to be washed. “Necessities” were placed in drawers and the closet and drawers organized as best as could be at that time. (I promise in the next few days I’ll get a post of the nursery. It’s SO CLOSE to being complete it’s scary!)

At the time of the shower it was 32 weeks and counting…

My Mommy and Me


My Lovely Hostesses


And the traditional shower picture, with a little something “extra”



Thank you ladies for ALL your hard work! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

31 Weeks


Baby's now the size of a squash!
Baby's going through major brain and nerve development these days. His irises now react to light, and all five senses are in working order. (He won't pick up anything from his nose until after birth, though -- smell is transferred through air, not amniotic fluid.)


Except, I have TWO squashes! Justin doesn’t usually cooperate during ultrasounds so I haven’t gotten a good picture of him in several months. Tuesday I only got a good picture of him :) This week (July 5) we found out both Justin and Lana are head down. I feel like there isn’t much room for them to turn anymore, but I’ve got this streak of being proven wrong, so in 4 weeks they’ll be in some other position, I’m sure. Justin weighed approximately 3lb and Lana was 3lb 2oz. When Collin was born, at 39 weeks, we was only 7lb 4oz. Guess there is a reason I feel like I’m more than 31 weeks now.

I haven’t been anywhere, just me and Collin, in more than three weeks. (With the exception of Wednesday, we went to a friends house. Where i sat or laid on her couch the whole time. And someone even changed Collin’s diaper for me. I’m telling you, my friends are the best!) But even going out with Devin and Collin is exhausting and I feel like I need to lay down after just thirty minutes to an hour. One night week I went to Publix with my mom and Collin. I didn’t even push the cart, but I was done. The next day all I could do was lay on the couch. Luckily, I think Collin can tell when I’m not feeling well and was really pretty good all day. He laid with me for a little bit and watched Toy Story 3 and went right down for his nap and told me “night night” as I was half way down the stairs. It put a big smile on my face as I went straight to my bed a slept for two hours :) We’ll see what the next few weeks and my appointment on Wednesday bring.

Justin’s profile :) 30-ish weeks

photo 1

Looking right at us :)

photo 2

Lana’s profile at 26-ish weeks (June 10th)

photo 3

Friday, July 1, 2011

Cute Video Friday

Our upstairs AC has been on the fritz lately. As a result, Collin, for the first time ever, slept in be with me last night. (Devin was in Arizona for work.) Needless to say, neither of us slept very well, and he was up at 6 AM. That’s an hour and a half earlier than normal. We had a play date the same day. After everyone left he ate a few grapes and almost fell off the couch watching TV. It was only about 20 minutes before his normal naptime. Poor guy just couldn’t make it any longer… neither could mama.