Thursday, March 31, 2011

Calling All Creatives

Most people know the issues I went through with Collin’s nursery at our Argyle house. And my lack of motivation/cash flow here at the “new” house has left every room incomplete, except for the Kids’ bathroom, upstairs. You know, the one that no one ever sees. Yeah.

I knew the second I saw the shower curtain for the bathroom what I wanted to do. I love it. It’s perfect for boys or girls. It’s bright and fun. And I know exactly what I want to do in our bedroom (but it’s going to be quite sometime before that happens (Unless someone wants to make a sizeable donation for new furniture, linens and paint)) So here is what I want some help with. Bedroom ideas. For the kids.

Come Monday (HOPEFULLY) we will know if they twins will be boys, girls, or one of each :) Obviously if they are both the same sex they will share a room. And I’ll need to decide on decor for boys or girls. Should we have a boy and a girl, they will share a room for about the first year. Maybe a little more or less depending on sleeping habits. Then the boy and Collin will share a room and our Little Miss will have her own space. (This makes me kind of sad thinking that “the oldest” won’t have his own room, but I can’t make a boy and girl share a room for very long.)

The guidelines:

  • I think I like darker furniture.
  • We are more contemporary and modern with clean lines, and strong bold colors.
  • Not so much into “vintage” or “boutique” or “classic baby.”

OK! Now send me your ideas! Pretty please :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday







Monday, March 28, 2011

What’s for Dinner?

A LONG time ago Angela told me she made homemade pizza rolls. When she blogged about it, I had to give it a shot. It is now one of my favorite things to make. And since I’ve had a lot of people ask about it/laugh when they see “pizza rolls” on my weekly meal menu, I decided I should do a post of my own. So… here goes!




  • Pizza Crust (I had to ask where this was. It’s in the cooler section with the Pillsbury biscuits and croissants. Usually all the way at the top) You IMG_2919can almost always find a coupon for 50 cents off the purchase of two, and get them when they are BOGO)
  • Mozzarella cheese (I think it’s easier if you use the already shredded kind")
  • Favorite Pizza toppings (we use pepperoni and Italian sausage) (Remember the more you stuff the bigger the rolls are and the more difficult it can be to make and eat)
  • Ragu Pizza Sauce (Found with the other Ragu spaghetti sauces)
  • We also have a seasoning that specifically is called “Pizza seasoning”

What to do:

  • Roll out  pizza dough. (I find its easier to work with when it’s really cold, but not frozen (obviously)) and cut it into even rectangle-square-ish pieces (if you can get them even, you’re my hero)IMG_2911
  • Place desired toppings NOT INCLUDING THE SAUCE onto each piece. (I’ve found that cutting the pepperoni into quarters, and sausage into tinier chunks makes for easier biting and eating)
  • Pull the four corners together and make a ball. Yes, they will all be different sizes (Unless you’re my hero and can make them all even) Place the rolls into a greased pan (I use a 9x11)


  • Once you’ve rolled everything, sprinkle any desired seasoning on top


  • Bake according to the directions on the Pillsbury dough container. I believe it’s 475 degrees. Just like anything else, baking time will vary. I’ve done anywhere from 10-20 minutes. I keep an eye on them and when the tops are a nice brown color and the sides aren’t doughy anymore then I say they are done and take them out. A real science, I know. 


  • Don’t forget the Ragu! It’s for dipping! :) Some people like to heat it a little, some don’t. That’s up to you. VOILA! You’re done, enjoy your homemade pizza rolls! They are SO MUCH BETTER than anything you’ll pull from the freezer section! Hands down. 



This amount is usually good for both Devin and I. Sometimes we’ll have some left over, sometimes we won’t. Just depends on the day and how hungry we both are. Plus, Collin loves pizza and enjoys them also. He eats one or two easily.

***Disclaimer*** It took me several a few times making these before I got them perfect. Not enough cheese, too long in the oven, not long enough in the oven, the pepperoni to sausage ratio wasn’t right, blah blah blah. So if they don’t turn out “just perfect” the first time, PLEASE don’t give up. It’s totally worth trying again. PROMISE!

Friday, March 25, 2011

16 Weeks Down Just a Few More to Go

I’ve been really bad this time around with taking progression pictures. I kinda thought I would be though. Especially after I found out it was twins. I thought maybe I would before that wanting to compare this time around to Collin. But there really is nothing to compare. Everything is going to be different. I mean, there’s two. You can’t compare anything really. Nonetheless, this is me and “the twins” at 16 weeks. It’s probably the one and only time I’ll have a picture of me in cute normal clothes. I feel like I am usually a lot bigger later in the afternoon and evening. I don’t remember that from before. Odd. But I have a feeling that I’m not going to be fitting into normal clothes for much longer. I’m going to, the polite way of putting it, “pop” in the next few days/weeks. And there will be no going back. I know I’m going to wake up one day and be like, “what the heck? Where did this come from? Where are my toes?!” 102_4489 102_4486

Just for argument sake, here’s a little side-by-side. All I can say is, “uuuhh…?” I guess thinking back, I’m glad I’m still in my regular clothes. And I really don’t have anything to complain about. I wasn’t really all that sick with Collin, and I haven’t been sick at all with the twins. I was tired with Collin, I DO remember passing out on the couch immediate after work everyday the first trimester. I am tired with the twins. I was sleeping during Collins nap everyday. But I’ve been good for several weeks now. I’ve even been cleaning and planning meals again during naps. Come April 4th (when we should get to find out if they are boys or girls) I suppose I’ll start looking at bedding and thinking about what we want need.

16 Comparison

Man, I was HUGE!

And yes, I’m well aware of the fact that I’m pasty white and should spend some time at our pool and at the beach.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It’s Not the First Time

Nope, this is not the first time this has happened (I was going to include a link because I blogged about it before, but I can’t find it. So, oh well!). In fact, it happens about once a month or so. Well, today I went to the pantry to find something to eat. I didn’t know what I wanted, just knew that I needed to eat before that sick feeling came on and I couldn’t eat anything at all. Well, this is what I opened the doors to…


Half an hour later, this is what made me happy…


Aaahhhh! MUCH better!

…but I’m still hungry and don’t know what I want to eat. :(

Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 Facebook Pet Peeves

***Disclaimer*** This is MY LIST. If you made the list, so sorry. Don’t take it personally. Just fix it :) HAHA! I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to lose any major friendships over this. Some minor ones, perhaps ;) But no one I can’t live without :) I kid. I kid… or do I???

  1. Liking your own status or picture- obviously you like it, you posted
  2. When your name isn’t your name
  3. Profile pictures that aren’t you- this includes your pets and most of all YOUR CHILDREN. I’m ok with it, if YOU’RE IN THE PICTURE. But, I’m sorry, it’s not Fluffy’s or Suzie’s profile, it’s yours.
  4. Horoscopes- honestly, I don’t read my own, I don’t care what yours says every single day
  5. “Husband Day” “Awesome Mommy Week” “Sister Month”- if my fill in the blank with appropriate relative  does something spectacular, I’ll post about it. I don’t need a “special day” that some random person designated a over year ago, but it’s just now getting around to someone I know.
  6. Eight different music videos that "touched your heart” all in a row. One, ok, but no more.
  7. Sideways pictures… there is a way to fix it. Please do.
  8. The latest high score you got on whatever game you happen to be playing today- unless you topped the high score list on Doodle Jump I don’t really care.
  9. Constant and incessant complaining and whining- Oh. My. Gosh. SOMETHING has to be good in your life, you woke up didn’t you? Thank God for another gloriously crappy day or something!
  10. Intentional misspellings- everyone has the occasional typo and/or autocorrect but srlys ur not da Chick-Fil-A couz.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Let me begin by saying, yes, I know how ridiculous I’m about to sound. But, I don’t care. So there!


So with the impending arrivals coming this summer, the question of vehicle has come up. Which makes me sad, because everyone knows how much I absolutely love my Accord. L-O-V-E. The Accord would be perfect for two car seats. But, that’s just not our case anymore. We will be bringing two home, at once. To one that is already at home. Making three. Yikes.

So originally the though was to keep the Accord and sell/trade the Civic for an SUV(/::cringe::minivan). Obviously I’m not keen on the idea of a minivan. But what kills me almost more than the thought of driving a mom-mobile is the thought of not even having my Accord in the garage anymore. It was a thought that had crossed my mind, but I never wanted to dwell on, then Devin brought it up because he had been thinking about it also.

Enter Sadness.

The Civic is paid off. The Civic is a hybrid. The Civic is a commuter car. The Accord is not paid off. The Accord is not a hybrid. I wouldn’t exactly call the Accord a commuter car. So, with a VERY heavy heart, I do believe we have decided to, ::tearing up now:: trade :( my :( Accord :( WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :’(

Believe me when I say this is going to be just as tough for me as having twins in our lives. Also believe me when I say, I could probably handle driving a minivan knowing it was parked next to my Accord and it was still in the family. I’m going to have to take a SERIOUS big girl pill the day I have to say goodbye to my pretty Accord baby.

Until then, I’m soaking in oppertunity I have to drive with the windows down, sunroof open, and radio up. The SUV-minivan conversation, is still in the works. Seriously, no idea how that is going to end. I just can’t express how much I really don’t want a minivan. But again, I’m sure I’m going to end up taking another big girl pill. :(