Monday, July 27, 2009

Only 100 more days!

YAY! Only 100 more days and Collin will should be here! This last few weeks I’ve noticed some things:

    • I wear more of Devin’s undershirts than my own shirts, when I’m at home.
    • My face has gotten fatter (which someone was kind enough to point out to me a few weeks ago) . I was out to dinner for a friends birthday and took a picture. When I looked at it, it about fell on the floor.
    • I use the bathroom a lot. One day at work, I went just before we opened, at 8:55, then again at 9:30, 10:30, 12:00. 1:15, 2:05, 2:45, and before I left at 4:15, and of course again when I walked in the door when I got home 45 minutes later. It was ridiculous!
    • By the end of the day (especially Fridays) I can feel my feet swelling. I like to cross my legs, curl one leg underneath me, or sit Indian style. If I can sit in any of the aforementioned ways, I can feel that my knees are tightening and also swollen. :( 
    • I sleep with a pillow between my legs and move it from side to side almost each time when I get up to pee in the middle of the night (which usually ends up being about 2-4 times, depending on what I drank and how late I drank it)
    • Collin started aerobic classes this week. He usually only moves at night, around 6:30-7:00ish. But a few days ago, he really started rolling around, or kicking or punching or something. I would feel him and see him moving on both sides of my stomach at the same time, it was kinda crazy. Even though I’ve been feeling him for a good while now, and so has Devin, Devin was really able to feel him moving. A LOT.

Overall, life hasn’t been too rough, I’ve been really fortunate. I didn’t really have any morning sickness. I can count the number of times I actually got sick on one hand. Even then, I was able to be done and move on after it was all said an done. I’m not one of those people who “just loves being pregnant” though. I do miss my old clothes, I’m tried of wearing what feels like the same frumpy maternity clothes. My job hasn’t been too terribly bad either. I can eat pretty much when I want, I can go to my doctor’s appointments when I need to, and I can sit down (for the most part) all day. So aside from work being work it’s not been bad. Hopefully the last 100 days won’t be too bad. Although according to everyone, “oh just wait, it’ll only get worse.” Thank you, by the way, to anyone who has ever told me that. It’s really what every pregnant woman wants to hear.

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  1. I'm impressed that you can sleep with a pillow between your knees! I've tried to do that, but it just keeps me awake.

    Make sure you're drinking tons of water every day to help with the swelling! I know you like your milk, but drinking water with dinner instead will make a difference.