Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Something in the Water…

Seriously, there is something in the water! I never thought that so many people I know would be pregnant at the same time as me. The joke in our Sunday School class is that we are the church growth plan.

Kristie – had Kelby in June

Linda – had Caitlin in June

Angela – having Dallas in September

Sara – having a boy in mid October

Me – having Collin in early November

Michelle A. – having a girl in mid November

Charish – having a Lucy or Kegan (I think) in mid November

Tara – having a boy in late November

Ally (some I used to go to church with) – having a boy in late November

Meagan – having twin boys in December (already pushed to mid November)

Ashley (someone I used to go to school with) – due in December

Amanda – due in January

Jennifer (someone I used to go to school with) – due in January

Crystal – due in February (she and her husband just finalized an adoption too!)

Michelle just announced she’s having a little Bean in late January!

Not to mention several of the girls I know from Angela’s Sunday School class who are pregnant/had their babies in the last six months. I can think of at least  five. One of them being Julie, who also had a Collin! :)

Seriously, oh… my… goodness! WoW!


  1. That is a lot of babies. We're just following God's command to "be fruitful and multiply!"

  2. Yes, you're right about me except it will be KAegan. With an extra "A". haha. But I know what you mean... at work there's another of my good friends due late December and now one of our managers just found out she's pregnant with twins too!

  3. Don't forget to add me on there. Hopefully we'll get pregnant in november!!!! =)

  4. Well... add THREE more to this list, my boss's daughter, my coworkers wife, and a girl I went to college with.... YIKES!

  5. It must be that phase of life we're in now. lol. Like when everyone we knew started getting married. It's kind of neat, we have a support system going!! :)