Monday, September 13, 2010

Crawling is a Thing of the Past

Collin is a full blown walker now. And has been for more than a month. Once he started, he never looked back. The first video is when he was just learning and was only taking a few steps at a time. The second video I took several weeks ago. He was pretty good at walking around by then. We got home from dinner one night and I thought I’d just let him walk around outside for a while. He had a great time.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Day at the Beach

It was Labor Day Weekend I wasn’t 17…

This past weekend was the PW’s family beach day. I’m not usually a big beach person. I mean, I like the idea of the beach. The ocean waves crashing on the shore and soaking up the warm sun raise, what’s not to love? Well, for me, it’s the stickiness and saltiness and I burn. I have to lather on the sun block, so the sand sticks to me and I can’t wash it off because the salt of the ocean water just makes it that much worse. Anyway, as I was saying, I’m not usually a beach person, but this weekend it was perfect weather, I could have stayed out there for hours upon hours. More importantly than me actually enjoying my day at the beach, it was Collin’s first time at the beach, and he loved it. He had so much room to run around and could run through the water, splash in the waves, and play in the sand. I was, of course, ready with my camera to capture his first experience. So, here’s my little speed racer running around the beach!

Putting his toes in the sand and water for the first time


Checking it out


Collin said, “my feet are sinking!”

CIMG3942 CIMG3943 CIMG3944

Waving with Daddy



Splashing in the waves



Playing with Dallas


Playing the the sand



Dallas was sunbathing, she doesn’t like tan lines

CIMG3991 CIMG4009

47163_10150250480245085_650630084_15034391_8019867_n 58973_10150250480365085_650630084_15034392_2901886_n 

Schrunchie Face!


Wittle Sandy Toes!


Relaxing in the pool

CIMG4021 CIMG4028