Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Almost 25 Weeks Glucose Testing

I had my glucose test this morning. Based on what most people had told me, I was kinda nervous that I was going to be sick and was going to have issues drinking the nasty orange-soda-ish-drink.

First of all, I’m glad that I made an appointment. I was able to walk right in to the Quest Diagnostic office in Fleming Island (and not feel like I was going to catch something) for my first blood work. Since I was going to have to wait an hour I made an appointment. The first available appointment (that wasn’t a week away!) Was this morning at 7:30 at the Kingsley office. No big deal, I’d rather it be in the morning so I can get to work anyway. I walked into the office at 7:15, and the place was PACKED! I signed in a started reading the Nicholas Sparks book I brought. The large man (when I say large I don’t mean fat large, I mean, workout large-doesn’t-look-like-he-would-work-in-a-lab-kind-of-large) behind the desk called me up and gave me directions and a 10 oz bottle of stuff to drink in five minutes. Keep in mind I’ve heard multiple MULTIPLE times that it was going to be a flat-orange-soda-ish-drink that tastes awful.  Some even described it as the worst thing on the face of the Earth. It wasn’t really orange, so I though maybe it was like iodine or something, it’s only orange if it get’s on you. So I opened the bottle and braced for the worst. Yeah, not so much…. its’ wasn’t orange, it was only 10 oz, and it was COLA FLAVORED! It was more like ghetto brand Coke. Seriously, I just didn’t understand the hype.

So I drank the drink and went back to reading. In an doctor’s office setting there are rules. One of them is not to talk. And if you have to, do it in an appropriate decibel. There were these older, rather, um, country-ish, women that apparently found out they knew each other and were extremely loud about their coincidence of being in the office at the same time. The first woman rambled on and on about her dad and how he was in the hospital and that she had called their pastor to come out to talk to him. Then they proceeded to go down their church’s prayer lists of everyone and their brothers that were sick and in the hospital.   All the while, I trying to read about Gaby and her dog Molly and the puppies and Dr. Travis and the love that is beginning to bloom between them! How annoying was it to have to read the same paragraph like three times to actually understand what was going on because I kept registering hospital stays as opposed to my book! Then there was the little old lady that couldn’t hear and therefore YELLED EVERYTHING SHE SAID! And then the workers discussing the fact that there were FOUR appointments for 8:30 when another older woman accompanied by her daughter came in and said they had an appointment for 8:30 so they made five and how ridiculous it was to have to make an appointment the same time at four other people and have to wait. That just totally defeats the purpose of the appointment. Don’t you know? I was SO GLAD when my hour was up and I could walk into the other room, where I was all alone and could continue reading in peace!

When the woman called me back, I informed her that I needed to lay down because I didn’t do will with needles and had to look away. I’M SO GLAD I REQUESTED TO LAY DOWN!!!! The first time I had blood taken in Fleming Island, the woman looked at me and was like “uh, I’m going to have you come lay down while I do this , you look kinda pale.” (Little did she know I just don’t get out in the sun very often and “pale” is my natural color lol :) ) She took like 8 things of blood in like 30 seconds and I didn’t feel a thing. This woman, only took like two, it took like 2 minutes and moved the needle while it was in my arm! I thought I was going to die for a second, and my arm is sore. I was glad is was over fairly quickly. I guess it all depends on who your technician is at the time of the blood removal. At least I got to enjoy 6 chapters in my book before work!


  1. Wow! I guess it really makes a difference where you go for this test. I don't think I had to drink nearly 10 oz...but maybe mine was just more concentrated and that's why it tasted so bad. Also, I just had to have my finger pricked and they took several drops of blood from that. They didn't actually use a needle.

  2. Grrrr! They are not supposed to swish the needle in your arm! I had that happen to me once. After that I have told every tech that if they couldn't do it without swishing they needed to get me someone else. It not only hurts but gives you that sick filling in the pit of your stomach.