Thursday, July 16, 2009

24 week Papaya


Seriously? My papaya-sized Collin is making my belly look like this?

 Week 24a

Our little Collin Papaya can hear everything we say now and finds my voice the most soothing. The fact that anyone could find my voice the most soothing seems so bizarre. I can’t wait to see his little face that is now fully formed! He’s like a real little person now :) I wish I could settle on a room color for him. Any suggestions?

Week 24d


Anyway, I came back from vacation this week and the most famous comments are to the effect of “You’ve got a little something extra since the last time I saw you.” I want to respond, “actually, I’ve had it about the last 20 times you saw me, you just never put two and two together because… I USED TO BE SKINNY! I never thought I was skinny before, but now, I just want to be skinny again to avoid the conversations I have to have with customers! I’m so antisocial, unless it’s with my actual friends. I guess it’s a miracle I have friends with as antisocial as I can be. Oh well. I love those that I do have that tolerate me :)


I finally official met one of my best friends fiancé last night. I told Cheryl since I was going to be in her wedding, that it was only fair that I get to meet him first. Cheryl just so you know… Jesse seems very nice, so I guess I approve :) We made spaghetti and had chocolate pudding with mits chips for desert while we played Wii and watched some of Wipeout, which apparently is Cheryl’s new favorite show. She cracked up then entire time. It is a really funny show, so her laughter was more than justified.


Since tonight is Thursday, it’s Albrektson Night. Devin and I are going to Chris and Ashley’s for dinner and maybe a game or two. I think it’s wing night. Yummy.

So ends this hodge-podge of a post. The End.

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  1. Well, I think your papaya is going to be the cutest little papaya ever!! =) And your belly bump is adorable!! Love you!