Thursday, April 30, 2009

Almost Time!!!

I’ve been on vacation all week and it’s been GREAT! But tonight we leave with Chris and Ashley for ATLANTA!!!!!!! We should be there about midnight! YAY!



Braves A 2-16-09

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

$5. $2? Fine.

Until this past Saturday I was a yard sale virgin. I found myself growing moreCIMG1875 annoyed with these “customers” rather than excited to sell something. Dustin had to keep reminding me that it wasn’t necessarily about making money, but rather making space for baby. I hate it when other people are right. Had this been an experience done with just Devin and I at our house, I think I would have been EXTREMELY annoyed CIMG1879and never even entertained the thought of a future one. But, because it wasn’t at our house, and it was done in conjunction with Dustin and Angela, it was more like hanging out for 5 hours on a Saturday morning.

We got to Dustin and Angela’s a little after 7 AM (keep in mind this is the first official day of my vacation). We CIMG1883finished setting up and pricing everything. (I have now learned that you have  to WAY overprice anything to get what your really want for it.) Because it was 7:30 in the morning and two pregnant women were involved, we made  cinnamon buns. (YUMMY!) Then the waiting game began. The boys played darts and CIMG1884Angela and I played cards. 

We had a small TV we wanted out of the house. If I had been looking for a small TV I would have paid $5 for it and not even blinked. I would have just though, “SCORE!” But no. Apparently in yard sales when something is priced for $5, people feel the need to offer you $2! CIMG1898What the heck?!?! I was just so taken aback and annoyed by this I just kind of (not kind of, I did) rolled my eyes and said, “fine.” This was the same woman who offered Angela .50 for shoes and T-shirts when she put an original price of $1. A DOLLAR! SERIOUSLY!?!?! You are going to haggle down to FIFTY CENTS?!?! Again, I was reminded, it’s not about the money, the money is just a perk for making space. CIMG1885UGH!

All in all, it was a pretty fun morning. Dustin and Angela made way more than the $15 Devin and I walked away with (That’s about a whole $3 an hour, by the way). Next time Devin and I have to clean out the house (which we did in December and took A TON OF STUFF to the Goodwill) we’ll plan ahead more and I’ll try not to be so impatient about getting the stuff out of the house and plan a yard sale. That way we’ll have more than a Simpsons and Family Guy trivia game to sell. We could have had laptops, cell phones, picture frames, movies, games. It could have been an easy $150-$200. I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad about donating it to charity though, should I?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

8 Week Sonogram at 13 Weeks

So since I’m completely computer illiterate I haven’t been able to figure out how to get my laptop to work with our scanner/printer. I was spending the afternoon with Raechel and decided since her scanner/printer was connected to her computer I’d take advantage of it. So, these are the pictures that should have made it on the original post, not today, at 13 weeks. Our first sonogram was taken at 8 weeks, (hopefully when we go in May we’ll find out the sex!) This little baby was 20 mm on March 25, about the size of a raspberry. According to, today baby is about 3 inches or the size of a peach.



Monday, April 27, 2009

iRobot, Roomba, Roombot, or something like that

I really picked on Devin for buying this from woot but after seeing it in action I’m totally in love. I am able to do other cleaning (or anything else) around the house (or not around the house) and it will vacuum the house! It’s so cool! The video isn’t all that great because it got stuck in the corner by the table and I didn’t feel like moving it to take another video.



Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cheese Puffs and Junior Mints I love you Brudder!

So in true Thursday fashion there was a friends and family gathering for dinner and the Office. I made spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. Bradley, Devin and I then enjoyed this dinner while watching something about American Airlines. (It was actually kind of interesting.) Just a little before 9:00 Bradley’s friend Daniel came over for the evenings grand finale, the Office. At the end of the episode it showed Ryan eating the rest of the cheese balls from last weeks episode (it was fun!) and we began a brief discussion about cheese balls vs. cheese puffs vs. cheese doodles (and YES! there is a difference). So I mentioned how I had wanted cheese puffs since I saw last weeks episode and Publix was open for another 30 minutes and he said he could pick up a box of Junior Mints while he was there. I indicated that this sounded like a good thing in addition to the cheese puff.  Bradley asked if I really wanted cheese puffs. I told him yes, but only kidding and told him thanks for coming over and to have a good night. Daniel asked if they were taking a trip to the store and they walked out. About 15 minutes later there was a knock at the door. Bradley brought me a back of cheese puffs and a box of Junior Mints! I love my little brother, he’s so awesome! Baby thanks you too Brudder half the bag is gone already :)  They were SO GOOD!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

There’s Country in the Air

Anyone from Clay County know that Spring Break means two things: a week off from school, and the Clay County Fair. They also know that the Jacksonville Fair is a joke compared to the CCF. I have been going to the fair as long as I can remember. (And considering I’m 24 and the CCF is a 23 year tradition, I really do mean as long as I can remember.) Last year we went with my very bestest friends Angela and Dustin. Just because Angela and I are both pregnant didn’t mean we weren’t going to go and enjoy every moment of what the fair has to offer. I’ll have to admit though, I did miss riding some of the rides and laughing my head off while spinning around on the Zipper.

The Clay County Fair has more to offer than merely rides. Confused? Then you’ve never really experienced the cultural experience that is the Fair. There are so many other things to experience. Pig Races (yes, pig races), concerts, alligator wrestling, Frisbee dogs, funnel cake, livestock, boiled p-nunts, the smell in general, Early Florida, the list goes on and on. It’s almost too much to take in on just one night. Here is a brief glimpse to our experience this year.

(This was the last night of the fair, so I guess the mold is justified?)

CIMG1837 CIMG1839

These two ribbon winners had Angela and I somewhat confused. A bead bracelet very similar to those we made a children and some very ugly clothes.

CIMG1841 CIMG1843

MMM… a bag of boiled P-Nuts (yes, insert dirty joke here) and Funnel Cake. It’s just not a trip to the fair without a funnel cake.

CIMG1845 CIMG1844

God couldn’t have made two better friends


You know you’re in the COUNTRY when butt cracks and mullets are present

CIMG1851 CIMG1850

The Alligator Man

 CIMG1861 CIMG1860

The Frisbee Dogs (Devin’s inspiration to teach Carly to play Frisbee, she’s getting pretty good too!)

CIMG1871 CIMG1870

Good times at the Clay County Fair

CIMG1868 CIMG1867

….enough said.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Future Plans

February 21, 2009


April 09, 2009 ***10 Weeks***

Week 10

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Work In Process….

So, I have had a list made of what I need to scrapbook, and sadly it was all of 2008. This weekend, I successfully started!  This Work In Progress is courtesy of Angela, which is courtesy of her cousin, Nikki.

I’ve made it through March! Only 9 more month to go!

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On a completely different note… Yesterday was the official first game of the season for the Braves. Hopefully it is a glimpse of things to come with a 4-1 victory over the Phillies in their home opener! Whoop! Whoop! I can’t wait for Friday! The 2009 Braves Home Opener! Oh what I wouldn’t give to have tickets and be in there at Turner Field on Friday!