Thursday, August 18, 2011


My child is a bottomless pit. He will eat all morning and all day long if I let him. But I’ve finally found something that he LOVES, fills him up, and it actually half way decent for him. He knows EXACTLY what he’s getting when I pull the frozen yogurt and fruit from the freezer and go to the corner by the sink. He does a little happy dance and says “smoonie! smoonie! smoonie!” He MUST help make his smoothie or else he’s not completely happy. But the second I hand it to him, he says thank you and runs off doing his happy dance again.

Smoothie 01 Smoothie 02

Smoothie 03

Smoothie 04 Smoothie 05

One day I made him a smoothie he happened to be in just a diaper. When he drank it I noticed he was shivering. So I asked if he was cold and wrapped up in a blanket and cuddled with him. Ever since then, about three or four sips in he shakes, on purpose, says “colt” and wants me to wrap him in the blanket. He’s even done it when he’s not drinking a smoothie. He just tells me “colt” for no reason and I have to wrap him up. Of course because he isn’t cold he only stays for about a millisecond, but it’s still pretty stinkin’ cute.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Big Boy Bed


Several weeks ago Devin converted Collin’s crib to his toddler bed. I cried, but he was very excited about it.

That afternoon he took a nap in his crib

Big Bed 01

But went to bed in his Big Boy Toy Story Bed

Big Bed 02

 Big Bed 04

Big Bed 03

He’s done REALLY well in it. He stays in bed until we come to get him. Even if he’s not ready for a nap (or he thinks he’s not ready rather…) once we leave the room he stays there and plays under the blanket or cries. When he wakes up from his naps or in the morning he still won’t get out, even after I moved toys into his room. He will lay in bed and say “uh, mama!” or “Daaaaada!”

Part of me wanted to keep him in the crib until he discovered he could climb out, but I just couldn’t lift him at all anymore. And when he does wake up, I’m surprised he doesn’t get out of bed and go play. Again, part of me wishes he would so that I could just relax and wake up myself a little bit first, but it’s all good. I’m happy with the way things are, and I think he really is too.


We didn’t have a video monitor before the twins’ shower so we have been taking advantage of it. It’s quite interesting to see what he’s up to when we aren’t in the room. (Which is why I know he doesn’t get out of bed even if he’s not happy about being there for a nap) He has a Toy Story blanket and when he hides under it just right, it looks like one of the aliens are in his bed. Being under the blanket is one of his favorite things to do, rather than sleep. Since we’ve had the video monitor I’ve sent Devin several picture that crack me up or are just too sweet not to show him. So here are some cute “sleeping” pictures of the monitor I spend a lot of time looking at now…

Before actually giving up and going to sleep

Big Bed 06 Big Bed 08 Big Bed 10

And a sweet sleeping little boy

  Big Bed 12

This one cracks me up because his legs are hanging over the edge

Big Bed 09

THIS was the day I first put toys in his room. I thought I was going to have issues keeping him in bed. He was getting out to go play. So I used the  intercom feature (IT’S GREAT! Because we can tell him to lay back down without going upstairs) to tell him to get back into bed. He wasn’t happy about it, but get right back into bed. He cried for a little bit, but fell asleep and hasn’t gotten up since. 

Big Bed 07

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Crafting Nursery Wall Art

I knew I wanted Justin and Lana’s initials on the wall somehow, but didn’t want to just buy them somewhere. So I thought, I have sample paint leftover from the windows. I’m not artist, but I’m crafty enough to be able to do something simple that I’ll like. So I went to work in Photoshop and designed something that I knew I could execute. When I was telling Angela about what I wanted to do, she suggested attaching wooden letters to the canvas. So I found exactly what I was looking for… and then some.

I sketched out the Photoshop design onto the 12x12 canvas

Crafty 05

And went to work painting…

Crafty 06


 Crafty 07

twice ;)

 Crafty 08

The isle the letters were on were these little cliché words that I had to have… but I had to paint them because they were horrible pinks, blues, and yellows. 

 Crafty 09


And you’ve already see the final product, hung with a black chord

Nursery 06

I don’t think I’ve ever planned out an art project/craft that actually turned out the way I envisioned and really wanted it to, so I was pleasantly surprised with myself on these.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Long Awaited Nursery Post

I probably should have done this last week when I posted these pictures to Facebook, but I’m going to use the whole tired and pregnant with twins excuse.


This was my original vision for the room. Teal walls and espresso furniture with white bedding. After purchasing two cribs and 4 drawer dresser, we realized we didn’t have a whole lot of room. That extra crib sure does take up a lot of room. But I’m really happy with the way it all turned out nonetheless.Twin Nursery2

(The pictures are taken on my phone and didn’t turn out all that great. Sorry about that)


The view from the door looking in

Nursery 01

I know I know, it’s crooked, Lana’s bed (where they will both be initially) and the rocking chair

Nursery 03

Justin’s Bed

Nursery 02

What makes it “boy” and “girl”

Nursery 04 Nursery 05

Corner windows between their beds. My favorite lanterns and homemade curtains

 Nursery 07 

Justin’s View, the rocking chair, and side table with my custom wall art :)

Nursery 08

Nursery 06

Lana’s View, The dresser/changing table

Nursery 11

It’s a lot easier to organize a closet for one baby. Two take up a TON of space! And Justin/Collin have way more clothes at this point :)

Nursery 09 Nursery 10 

All in all, it turned out pretty much how I envisioned it would. That’s definitely a first for me!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Getting Emotional


photo 1As we get closer and closer to having two new babies around, I find myself crying more all the time. Not because I’m necessarily sad, mad, upset or even happy. Just, because I look and watch Collin and all the things that he does and says now, and I just wonder if I’ll really feel the same way about the twins as I do about him. Everyone says yes of course you will. And I guess I don’t really doubt that I will, but it’s just hard to sit and spend so much time with him the last two years and think that, not just one, but two, new babies are going to have space in my heart and my life like he does. As much as I’m ready for the twins to be here and not be pregnant anymore (I’m WAY beyond done being pregnant this time) I can’t help but think, these are the last days that I’m going to have just me and Collin.

He actually talks to me now and tells me what he wants and doesn't photo 2want. He interacts with Carly and the cats. He comforts me when I’m crying because I can’t believe our time is almost over. He gets excited to see me when I’ve been gone. He gets excited and recognizes things in books, on TV, and when we actually do get out. I watch him play and he’s using his imagination. He’s just one big ball of amazement to me and I just can’t seem to grasp the fact that “just us” is almost done. I’ve got two weeks at the most just us. And the worst part is, he doesn’t really understand what’s about to happen, and it is killing me.



Comforting me

photo 4


Throwing his pall and playing catch

photo 3 


Enjoying some time in the sandbox

photo 4


“Calling and talking” to Daddy

 photo 5

Monday, August 1, 2011

Look Who’s Getting Crafty!

TODAY! I did a project for our room! YAY! I bought a 12x14 canvas to paint and create a necklace holder, but that one will have to be for another day. Today was the Flower Hook (Also to hold necklaces). It was really easy, and super SUPER cheap, as in, practically free because I used stuff I already had in the house :)


First I picked two different 12x12 papers and cut them into four smaller pieces


Each of the quarter pieces got folded in half twice to make a smaller square and then on a diagonal Flower07

Flower11 Flower12


When it was folded on the diagonal I cut the petals for the flower out. (And forgot to take the picture…) Even though there are eight total pieces, I only used six. It just felt right to stop at six, haha. So I alternated the  paper patterns and placement and stapled them together.

 Flower06 Flower08


Next, I folded the petals up so you can’t see the staple and “brought the flower to life” one later at a time

Flower09  Flower10 Flower01

After I spent a whole $1.50 (only .75 after my 50% coupon! LOL) on the wooden circles, I realized I probably could have just used cardboard or something else laying around the house, but, oh well.

The hook is SO SIMPLE! It’s just a wire hanger… which I hate anyway and was happy to put it to good use. I had a white one, so I used it rather than having to paint the plain wire one. I hot glued the hanger (after I cut it with wire cutters and shaped it with pliers) to the wooden circle and then glued them to the back of the flower creating a (well, I did two, so two) flower hooks that will accompany my canvas necklace board later. I’m SO HAPPY with the way this turned out, I could just scream.

Flower02 Flower05

To hang it on the wall, I’m going to have to wait for Devin to drink two cans of the Mountain Dew that is in our refrigerator at the moment. I plan to glue the tab to the wooden circle and use it at the hook for the wall. :)