Thursday, August 18, 2011


My child is a bottomless pit. He will eat all morning and all day long if I let him. But I’ve finally found something that he LOVES, fills him up, and it actually half way decent for him. He knows EXACTLY what he’s getting when I pull the frozen yogurt and fruit from the freezer and go to the corner by the sink. He does a little happy dance and says “smoonie! smoonie! smoonie!” He MUST help make his smoothie or else he’s not completely happy. But the second I hand it to him, he says thank you and runs off doing his happy dance again.

Smoothie 01 Smoothie 02

Smoothie 03

Smoothie 04 Smoothie 05

One day I made him a smoothie he happened to be in just a diaper. When he drank it I noticed he was shivering. So I asked if he was cold and wrapped up in a blanket and cuddled with him. Ever since then, about three or four sips in he shakes, on purpose, says “colt” and wants me to wrap him in the blanket. He’s even done it when he’s not drinking a smoothie. He just tells me “colt” for no reason and I have to wrap him up. Of course because he isn’t cold he only stays for about a millisecond, but it’s still pretty stinkin’ cute.

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