Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Big Boy Bed


Several weeks ago Devin converted Collin’s crib to his toddler bed. I cried, but he was very excited about it.

That afternoon he took a nap in his crib

Big Bed 01

But went to bed in his Big Boy Toy Story Bed

Big Bed 02

 Big Bed 04

Big Bed 03

He’s done REALLY well in it. He stays in bed until we come to get him. Even if he’s not ready for a nap (or he thinks he’s not ready rather…) once we leave the room he stays there and plays under the blanket or cries. When he wakes up from his naps or in the morning he still won’t get out, even after I moved toys into his room. He will lay in bed and say “uh, mama!” or “Daaaaada!”

Part of me wanted to keep him in the crib until he discovered he could climb out, but I just couldn’t lift him at all anymore. And when he does wake up, I’m surprised he doesn’t get out of bed and go play. Again, part of me wishes he would so that I could just relax and wake up myself a little bit first, but it’s all good. I’m happy with the way things are, and I think he really is too.


We didn’t have a video monitor before the twins’ shower so we have been taking advantage of it. It’s quite interesting to see what he’s up to when we aren’t in the room. (Which is why I know he doesn’t get out of bed even if he’s not happy about being there for a nap) He has a Toy Story blanket and when he hides under it just right, it looks like one of the aliens are in his bed. Being under the blanket is one of his favorite things to do, rather than sleep. Since we’ve had the video monitor I’ve sent Devin several picture that crack me up or are just too sweet not to show him. So here are some cute “sleeping” pictures of the monitor I spend a lot of time looking at now…

Before actually giving up and going to sleep

Big Bed 06 Big Bed 08 Big Bed 10

And a sweet sleeping little boy

  Big Bed 12

This one cracks me up because his legs are hanging over the edge

Big Bed 09

THIS was the day I first put toys in his room. I thought I was going to have issues keeping him in bed. He was getting out to go play. So I used the  intercom feature (IT’S GREAT! Because we can tell him to lay back down without going upstairs) to tell him to get back into bed. He wasn’t happy about it, but get right back into bed. He cried for a little bit, but fell asleep and hasn’t gotten up since. 

Big Bed 07

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