Monday, August 1, 2011

Look Who’s Getting Crafty!

TODAY! I did a project for our room! YAY! I bought a 12x14 canvas to paint and create a necklace holder, but that one will have to be for another day. Today was the Flower Hook (Also to hold necklaces). It was really easy, and super SUPER cheap, as in, practically free because I used stuff I already had in the house :)


First I picked two different 12x12 papers and cut them into four smaller pieces


Each of the quarter pieces got folded in half twice to make a smaller square and then on a diagonal Flower07

Flower11 Flower12


When it was folded on the diagonal I cut the petals for the flower out. (And forgot to take the picture…) Even though there are eight total pieces, I only used six. It just felt right to stop at six, haha. So I alternated the  paper patterns and placement and stapled them together.

 Flower06 Flower08


Next, I folded the petals up so you can’t see the staple and “brought the flower to life” one later at a time

Flower09  Flower10 Flower01

After I spent a whole $1.50 (only .75 after my 50% coupon! LOL) on the wooden circles, I realized I probably could have just used cardboard or something else laying around the house, but, oh well.

The hook is SO SIMPLE! It’s just a wire hanger… which I hate anyway and was happy to put it to good use. I had a white one, so I used it rather than having to paint the plain wire one. I hot glued the hanger (after I cut it with wire cutters and shaped it with pliers) to the wooden circle and then glued them to the back of the flower creating a (well, I did two, so two) flower hooks that will accompany my canvas necklace board later. I’m SO HAPPY with the way this turned out, I could just scream.

Flower02 Flower05

To hang it on the wall, I’m going to have to wait for Devin to drink two cans of the Mountain Dew that is in our refrigerator at the moment. I plan to glue the tab to the wooden circle and use it at the hook for the wall. :)

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