Sunday, August 14, 2011

Crafting Nursery Wall Art

I knew I wanted Justin and Lana’s initials on the wall somehow, but didn’t want to just buy them somewhere. So I thought, I have sample paint leftover from the windows. I’m not artist, but I’m crafty enough to be able to do something simple that I’ll like. So I went to work in Photoshop and designed something that I knew I could execute. When I was telling Angela about what I wanted to do, she suggested attaching wooden letters to the canvas. So I found exactly what I was looking for… and then some.

I sketched out the Photoshop design onto the 12x12 canvas

Crafty 05

And went to work painting…

Crafty 06


 Crafty 07

twice ;)

 Crafty 08

The isle the letters were on were these little cliché words that I had to have… but I had to paint them because they were horrible pinks, blues, and yellows. 

 Crafty 09


And you’ve already see the final product, hung with a black chord

Nursery 06

I don’t think I’ve ever planned out an art project/craft that actually turned out the way I envisioned and really wanted it to, so I was pleasantly surprised with myself on these.

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