Thursday, March 19, 2009

I just wanted to watch Gilmore Girls!

So this is my third day at home sick. Can I tell you on the BILLION channels we have there is practically nothing on television?!?! So today, I decided I100_3597 would pop in the Gilmore Girls. I like the Gilmore Girls. They make me happy, and after two, going on three days of not being happy at home, I decided I deserved some happy in my life. (Aside from Happy Gilmore, which might I add I watched 100_3594yesterday). So here is my dilemma. I got Devin a Blu-Ray player for Christmas. It took/takes me forever to figure out how the thing works because we have a hundred remotes. Ok, so it’s only five, but that’s a lot. So there is the (from Left to Right) the Blu- Ray remote, the XBox 360 Remote, the TV remote, the Little remote (it changes the TV from TV mode to video game 100_3598mode) and the Baby remote (it’s suppose to change the TV from TV mode to Blu-Ray mode). So I do know that I have to press 4 on the Baby remote to change the TV to Blu-Ray mode. Yeah, that didn’t work. So I texted Devin. He didn’t know either. I then pressed 5 on the Baby remote to 100_3596make it go back to TV mode, that actually worked. So I spent money on this Blu-Ray thing for Devin because from what I understand it’s sooooo much better than plain ole DVD players. Yeah, well, call me old fashioned but I can get that DVD player to work! After 20 minutes of pressing a combination of numbers on the Baby remote  I gave up and resorted to the XBox. Not the XBox HD player, the XBox. What’s my problem? (That was a rhetorical question and comments need not be made! Bradley and Dustin!) All of this rubbish because I wanted to watch Gilmore Girls instead of the crap that’s on cable. What happen to the days when you popped in a VHS and just hit play? That’s it, play. No Little remote, no Baby remote. No pressing 4 for video mode, just channel 3 or 4, and play. Now that I’ve got the DVD playing I’m going to enjoy some Matt Czuchry eye candy. :-)


  1. THIS. This is why we don't have a blu-ray player...because I can barely work our new TV as it is.

  2. Just because you didn't know how to drive a car at one point didn't mean that you shouldn't learn.

    And I'm hurt, Erin, that you think I would answer your rhetorical questions!

  3. Any particular reason you had to call Dustin and I out on that rhetorical question deal?? hmm...

    I will make no comments on your ability or lack there of in this instance. I believe you know what I would say anyway.

    Have you ever thought about a universal remote? May I offer a suggestion.

  4. Also, I just thought I might add that this commenting text box to not allow enough characters to effectively answer your rhetorical question. ;)

  5. I just looked at the picture of Matt Whatshisface and he looks like a douche if I ever saw one!

  6. Hey Erin -- just discovered your blog! I've thought about getting a blu-ray as well.. this is potentially making me reconsider.

    Hope you're doing great!! =)