Friday, March 13, 2009

Seriously Paul?

A few months ago we went to a party where there was this really good Paul Newman’s Pineapple Salsa Dip. It was really good, so for the Super Bowl party we had at our house I decided to get some. As we are all digging i100_3588nto the pizza, wings, cookies and salsa my cousin made a comment about the salsa and how good it was. She picked the jar to look at it and said, “um, Erin, when did you buy this?” My response was very hesitant, “This afternoon, why…?” It had expired MONTHS AGO! We were al appalled but had eaten so much of it without noticing a strange taste that we decided there was nothing wrong with it and continued to eat it. Well, a couple weeks ago I wanted it again, so I got it, and the Mango kind for Devin to try. Again, my cousin got home and saw it. She asked “wasn’t this the stuff that was expired before?” Surely it couldn’t happen twice. In a row. She looked for the date which read, 07/07/08. Yes the salsa dip I bought was expired SEVEN MONTHS BEFORE I BOUGHT IT! The moral of the story is, that Paul Newman’s stuff apparently died with him. (Yes, I know how wrong that was, and no I don’t really care. I bought expired salsa TWICE!)


  1. I wonder how normal everyone in your family would be if you started eating non-expired food. That answers a lot of questions I've had about you guys.

  2. I think you have the moral of the story all wrong here. It should be - Always check expiration dates BEFORE you buy salsa, or anything! Seriously, check that out before you you purchase.

  3. I think it would do us both a lot of good to stop eating/keeping in the house any sort of expired/questionable food items. Although....sometimes you just can't tell -- like tortillas!