Monday, April 6, 2009

My Work In Process….

So, I have had a list made of what I need to scrapbook, and sadly it was all of 2008. This weekend, I successfully started!  This Work In Progress is courtesy of Angela, which is courtesy of her cousin, Nikki.

I’ve made it through March! Only 9 more month to go!

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On a completely different note… Yesterday was the official first game of the season for the Braves. Hopefully it is a glimpse of things to come with a 4-1 victory over the Phillies in their home opener! Whoop! Whoop! I can’t wait for Friday! The 2009 Braves Home Opener! Oh what I wouldn’t give to have tickets and be in there at Turner Field on Friday!


  1. I was actually going to text you today and tell you to update. I too hope this year brings better things for the Braves. We need a better season!!

  2. Okay, I totally thought this post was going to be about your other "work in progress" :)

  3. Missed you while you were gone....yay Braves! :o)

  4. I am wondering when the work in progress is going to be seen on here too Angela. I think we are talking about the same thing anyway. Ha ha.

  5. I am leaving this comment again because I don't think it "took" the first time.

    If you're doing this again next week, you ought to add your link over at Mrs. H's. She actually hosts WIP Wednesday, and she would love for you to join us.