Monday, March 9, 2009

Digging deep

So as previously stated (several weeks ago) I’ve been tapped out for blog topics. Nothing really “blog worthy” has happened. I can think of plenty of things that I could have blogged about, if I had been doing it like a year ago. So, there is a good possibility I will be going to those stories. But today here is what I really had to dig for.

Anyone who knows me, know that I’m slightly OCD. (Yes, Angela, slightly.) Anyway, a typical trip to the grocery store ends with Devin bringing in the bags and me putting them away (because I would only move what he put away anyway). Over the weekend Angela and I were discussing all the expired or at least questionable food that is in our houses. (OH YEAH! That’s what I was going to blog about! A later date perhaps) So as I was putting the groceries away I decided to throw out anything that was “questionable” or just plain out expired. I’m so ashamed of everything that got thrown out but so proud of the end result! We’ll see how long it actually lasts.

Top Shelf: Junk food (harder to reach)

Second Shelf: Soups, Fruits, Veggies (and Peanut Butter)

Third Shelf: Hamburger Helper/Main dishes, and side dishes

Sides Shelves: baggies, coffee, new condiments (awaiting the move to the fridge) cooking oils and plastic wraps and tin foil. 

Floor: Lunch bags, Publix Bags, Spaghetti Sauce

100_3584 100_3585


  1. Looks good! You totally should have done a before picture, though. I think I may copy you on this one.

  2. Yeah I thought about it after the fact, but organizing the pantry wasn't actually on the agenda for the day.

  3. That's my girl! Clean from the inside out! Weird how it doesn't stay that way very long ;-)