Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Well, his birthday was June 10th, but we’ve been so busy for the last few weeks I’m just getting around to writing about it. LAST YEAR on Devin’s birthday we got to see this:

Yup, it was really cool to find out we were having a “Collin” on his birthday. This year my mom offered to baby sit so we could go out to dinner. It was only the third time we’ve been out alone since Collin was born. We went to dinner at one of Devin’s favorite places, Ted’s Montana Grill, because he LOVES the bowl of half-sours they give you before dinner. Or in our Devin’s case, three bowls of half-sours. We spent a WHOLE hour at dinner. It wasn’t even 7:00 pm when we finished dinner. We felt so old and said tat we were enjoying the early bird special. Since it was just barely 7:00, we decided to go to the mall and do some shopping for us, and try to find Collin an outfit for his dedication that was coming up. We wondered the mall for an our or so and then headed back home. We didn’t find anything we liked for Collin, but I got a pair of shorts from Old Navy and Devin got some much needed t-shirts and sorts also. It wasn’t my birthday or anything, but I had a really good night with him, and hope he enjoyed the evening as much as I did. And yes, we did the typical parents-out-without-their-children and talked about Collin almost the entire time we were out.

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