Sunday, June 13, 2010


About a month ago I borrowed a dress from Angela for a wedding. I HONESTLY have meant to give it back to her like three different times since the wedding. INCLUDING the day I let her borrow my vacuum cleaner because hers crapped out on her. However, I seriously just kept forgetting. I decided, when I picked my vacuum cleaner back up from her, that I was going to wear it for Collin’s baby dedication (Another post to come later), then she could have it back. After posting pictures of the dedication on Facebook, I get a nice little blog post!


A conversation held via Facebook and text message between Angela and I tonight over a dress and a vacuum cleaner :) (Implemented because Michelle liked a dress)




Me: So, um, dress for vacuum…. how is that a fair trade?!?!

Angela: Whatever… it’s just something you want and something I want :)

Angela: I never claimed it was fair!

Me: Lol oh :) … Well guess what? I’ve already got both, so, I WIN!!! bwahahahah

Angela: Yes but I know the combo to your garage so I’ll just come and steal them both back. Even *bigger* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Angela: And if you lock your door I”ll just pick the lock, just so you’ll know :)


Me: LOL Hmmm… I’m changing the combo! You can have the dress back, when you finish Gilmore Girls and I get it back :)

Me: Buy you have to watch them and be able to carry on a conversation about it with me!

Angela: Uh… okay. Remember Dallas just started crawling. You know what that’s like. It’s hard for me to even take a shower much less watch and entire series! It’ll take forever and by then my house will be so full of cat hair we won’t be able to see to get out. So I guess this is it. Goodbye, my friend.

Me: lol so I get the dress and the vacuum! Sweet I DO win! :)

Angela: :(

Me: I GUESS you can have your dress back

Me: If it means THAT much to you :) and we can stay friends

Angela: Okay good. Because I like being your friend. It’s fun.

Me: Yeeeeeah it is :)