Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why I hate Facebook

Remember when Facebook was cool? It was new, and only for “College Kids.” Although I am guilty of taking part in a few of these activities, for the most part I have to agree with Mr. Smith. Just for the record, you can skip over asking me if I want to join the “Join this group or you hate Jesus group.”  That’s just as bad as the stupid E-mails saying that if I don’t pass it along I don’t love Jesus. PUHLEEASE!

  1. 25 Random Things (guilty! Now it kinda reminds me of all the chain emails that went around about yourself: favorite color, number, childhood pet, color shirt you’re wearing… )
  2. poking
  3. “Happy Birthday” wishes (I happen to like these, they make me smile!)
  4. Compare People App
  5. Pillow Fight Requests (or girlfriends request, or ninja request or whatever request)
  6. Facebook Chat (Not going to lie, it’s rather annoying, I stopped IMing for a reason!)
  7. Gifts
  8. Abusing Status Updates (SERIOUSLY! I don’t need to know when you poop, shower, work or go to class!)
  9. Old People on Facebook ((Or young kids on Facebook)It used to be for COLLEGE KIDS! What the heck!?!?)
  10. Event Invites (Depends on how it’s used, if I haven’t talked to you in, oh I don’t know, a million years, don’t send me this stuff!)
  11. Group Invites (See blurb above video)
  12. Top Friend Drama (yeah, that’s one reason why I don’t have mySpace anymore. Seriously. I had someone ask why he wasn’t in the Top anymore! Peace Out!)
  13. Webcam Video Comments (Yeah, I don’t know)
  14. Flair (Dude, I was totally addicted for like a week, then they redid the whole site, (again) and I couldn’t find it so I forgot about it)
  15. Bumper Stickers (I don’t know about Bumper stickers, but Flair was better)
  16. Detail Requests
  17. Relative Requests
  18. Bad Tagged Photos (Seriously, don’t be hateful!)
  19. “Lost Phone” Facebook Explosion
  20. People You May (not) know (Uh-hu, just because I’m on your list of people you may know, doesn’t mean I want to be your Facebook friend! And the same goes for the girl I hated in high school, we weren’t friends then, why would we be friends now? Stalker!)
  21. Creepy Ads (how many triangles??? I’m pretty sure the percentage of people that get the number right changes drastically daily, it’s all BS.)
  22. Threads
  23. Picture Shrinkage (That is annoying! Post your own pictures!)
  24. Duplicate Pictures
  25. Facebook Relationship Gossip (haha, yeah)


  1. That video was seriously funny. Good job to the goofy looking buck-tooth boy.

  2. The thing I hated most about facebook was pretending to be friends with people that I don't even like. Its like, I know we went to the same school and all, but the reason I don't want to be your facebook friend is the same reason I don't want to go to my highschool reunion. Get it?