Sunday, February 1, 2009

Desktop Fashion

I read Gary’s blog and since I love my desktop picture I though I’d share it. It’s a picture that I took last Memorial Day in St. Augustine. I also have the matching picture of the shadow of the cross on the grass (see below) also very cool. Devin and I went with Chris and Ashley and their daughter (six months old at the time) Anekah, to St. Augustine for the day. We got pizza, walked around the fort, then went to the cross and the sun was in the perfect place. The little picture in the right corner is a slideshow of pictures on my computer. I love that Devin added that for me, it’s awesome.

desktop 2-1-09 

And the matching picture that didn’t make the desktop cut….


I remember having a serious conversation with Ashley at the time we were walking around here and we saw the cross on the grass and it was like God was talking to us saying, “I am here.”


  1. I love these pictures. You did an awesome job getting the perfect angles on both of them.

  2. That is an awesome picture......isnt it neat how God chooses to reveal hisself!