Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cantina LaCrapo

Friday Devin had a gorgeous display of two dozen roses sent to my office for Valentine’s Day. Saturday we spent most of the day relaxing and being bums. That evening though we headed to the St. Johns Town Center to try out one of the new restaurants. When we got there we decided to try out Cantina Laredo, which is gourmet Mexican food. I wasn’t quite sure what I thought about “gourmet” Mexican, I’m kinda partial to the dirty Mexican at La Nop. Nonetheless we waited the 40 minutes to eat the so-called gourmet Mexican.

As we were waiting, it occurred to me, I know it’s Valentine’s Day, but who says you have to dress (1) like a tramp or (2) in red? Everywhere I looked, every girl (or old lady) that walked by was either dressed like a tramp and/or was wearing red. I don’t get it. Wearing a short tight skirt is not attractive. To me, it screams desperation. And I think wearing red on Valentine’s Day is tacky; it’s the equivalent of wearing a sweater with jingle bells and reindeer at Christmas.

So while the experience of Gourmet Mexican was a nice thought, I don’t think it’s someplace we will be visiting again. The queso dip appetizer we got was basically just Velveeta cheese and a spoonful of tomatoes and beef. The garlic shrimp (yes, I got shrimp at the gourmet Mexican restaurant) was about what I expected, but the variety thing Devin got, let something to be desired. I don’t even want to talk about my strawberry daiquiri (virgin, strawberry daiquiri). It was more of an Icee with not enough juice. It still had entire ice cubes in it, definitely disappointing, to say the least. Someone else may think it’s the best place in the world to eat, but I’d rather go to La Nop 10 times as opposed to the Cantina one more.

We left the Cantina, walked around the Town Center and shopped for a while. Although the food at dinner left us feeling disappointed, the actual day was great. I had a wonderful time with my husband celebrating another Valentine’s Day together and I look forward to many more.


  1. We ate at Cantina Laredo once, too, and we were disappointed. The queso dip was a let down and I would MUCH rather go to La Nop where you could dinner for 2 for under 10 bucks with tip and it would taste great!

  2. The best Mexican food to be found anywhere is not found in overpriced "gourmet" Mexican restaurants, but in the home kitchens of Mexican cooks anywhere. Or you can read my blog and find some great recipes.

  3. Yeah, I totally could have told you that that restaurant wasn't good. We went to good ol' Texas Roadhouse. And I wore black and purple -- not red :)