Monday, February 16, 2009

Church signs of America

My sister-in-law has this book with pictures of church signs from all over the country. I love looking through it, the things that churches will put on their signs cracks me up. I really wonder what they were thinking. Then I wonder if it is effective or if it just makes people think that particular church is nuts. I’ll let you be the judge.

refund  enemy holy-water And my personal favorite……




  1. Lol! When I see things like this I always wonder if they're for real or if they've been photo shopped. Did you notice the First Church of Awesome Works? Nice name for a church...

  2. LOL at the last one! While it may not constitute as going to church, it sure is a heavenly experience!

  3. Oh. my. word. That last one is more than a little suggestive! You can go to this website ( and make your own church signs. It's pretty funny.