Thursday, December 13, 2012

15 Months

Several weeks ago I took the twins for their well check. Justin is 21.5 pounds (25%) and 31 inches tall (50%) and Lana is 22.13 pounds (50%) and 31 inches tall (also 50%).

Both steal my heart more and more everyday with their emerging personalities. The more the days go by the more I feel like they are turning out like by original thoughts about them when I was pregnant. Lana was always more active and she's definitely higher maintenance,these days, than Justin. Justin, was always calm, is exhibiting the middle child qualities. Usually he is pretty chill, but he can have moments of defiance and tantrums.

My Baby Girl is just that: THE BABY GIRL. She is the baby, and knows it. She is THE girl, and knows it. She loves to dress up and accessorize. It doesn't need to be her stuff either. She will happily bring me Justin (and Collin's) shoes and hold up her foot for me to put it on her. She has been bringing me jackets and holding her arms out and hoodies and leaning her head forward. If she finds my hair tie on the ground it becomes a bracelet (but doesn't want to wear the ACTUAL bracelets I have for her) depending on the day, she will even tolerate a bow without yanking it out. Baby Girl loves her blanket too. Every morning she stands up and hands me her blanket before she puts her arms up to get out of bed. She loves cuddling with it, with any blanket really. It's one of those things that's got to be with us when we travel if I want her to sleep. Quite the little mommy and helper. She will take a wipe from the box or washcloth from me and wipe her face, the counter in the play kitchen, a toy doesn't matter just something to clean. She has taken more to baby doll type things lately too. Stuffed animals or Buzz, she likes to hug them, lay her head on it and say "aaaawww" :) Oh and dancing. Girl likes to dance whenever she hears music -even in her high hair or carseat. But just because she's Baby Girl doesn't mean she can't hang with the boys. She can hold her own against Justin and Collin and she loves and. Adorable to watch her fly it in the air and make the noise associated with the airplane.

Oh my Justin. My sweet sweet Justin. He gets sweeter each day. He's so generous with his love. The best hugs at just the right moments. A giggle that could cure cancer. He's got a current love for trains. The Thomas collection we have is one if his new favorite toys. It's very cute to see him push them Round and make the "ch-ch-ch" sound. He is sucked into the TV more so than Lana. He will sit and watch a good chunk of Toy Story (any of them) with Collin while Lana is off on her own. Their (Justin and Collin) new movie is The Lorax. They like the music and little bear. Justin also likes his blanket. Not as much as Lana, but it's a definite necessity when traveling in order to sleep. Climber! Oh my goodness Little Man can climb! He will get up onto the kitchen table faster than I can pour a glass of milk for him. It's cute to see him so proud of himself, but really frustrating to keep him on the ground. He's taken to building lately. The big brick blocks he loves and is really good at stacking and ultimately knocking down. His other new favorite obsession is Buzz and Woody. He's been taking Woody everywhere, being careful not to forget his hat of course.

Recently they battled. Nasty cold and pink eye in both eyes. Poor little guys would wake up with nasty crusty snot all of their faces and dried gunk in and around their eyes. One morning Lana's eyes were really puffy and one was completely shut. It was many mornings if a warm wet washcloth gently cleaning off their faces. It was like the summer quarantine when they had HFMD. We didn't go anywhere of see a home for weeks. ThT is both exhausting and trying on the kids and Mommy.

Both are fascinated with the Christmas tree. The bottom two feet are lights only again this year (just like when Collin was their age) because they kept pulling ornaments off.

They fight like brother and sister and love like they are twins. I love watching them grow and bond together. They really are amazing little guys. My babies aren't babies anymore, they are toddlers. Two of a kind yet completely individual at the same time. Definitely the blessing I didn't know I needed or wanted.

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