Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Collin is THREE

Talk about an emotional three years. This is kid is my heart and soul. I love him with every fiber of my being. And, once again, I can not believe another year has gone by and he is three years old.

  • Weighing in at 31.6 pounds he is in the 50%
  • Standing 38.25 inches tall, he’s in the 50-75%




POTTY TRAINED!!!! This has been an adventure all in itself. The whole “Potty Boot Camp” wasn’t happening and forget the famous “Potty Training in a Day” pah-ahahaha! It was a period of several months. But I’m so proud of him. Yes, he’s still in a pull-up at night, but he goes by himself when we are home. And I have to admit, it’s really adorable to see his little bare bottom standing at the toilet with his pants around his ankles :)

So independent. He will bring a chair to the fridge and fill a cup of water himself. He will can dress himself. He goes upstairs to get X,Y or Z when asked, he helps me with Justin and Lana. Oh my goodness does he LOVE Justin and Lana. I love watching them play together. He likes to help whenever he can, cooking, cleaning, making crafts. Such a smart little booger. He can count to 20, has known his ABCs for months and can identify all the letters anywhere. Just before his birthday he learned to write his name. I’m so proud of him. He also, this is probably my favorite, learned his first Bible verse! Ephesians 6:1. He is just such a little boy. He’s not a baby. And not even a toddler. He-is-a-BOY.


157 244135

I really need to be better at noting the details of “normal” daily life. Just yesterday he wanted me to draw a pirate ship. I drew a dinky little boat with a small flag. He said to me, “that’s not a pirate ship Mommy. That’s just a boat.” I said “oh?” To which he proceeds to tell me the details of what a pirate ship actually needs. “Bigger than that, Mommy. It has bigger sails, a steering wheel, pirates, ropes, an anchor, and this” ::insert arms spread out indicating a mermaid or some other sculpture on the bow:: I couldn’t do anything but say, “oh. well, yeah, you are right. BOOGER!


IMG_1808 IMG_1928



IMG_2090 IMG_2119IMG_2284


We made his a REAL Big Boy Room which he LOVES! It’s been several months and he will still talk about his “new” room. I love that we can cuddle in bed before he goes to sleep.

IMG_2401 IMG_2424

Several months ago I was going to meet a friend at the mall. I got to the front of the neighborhood and out on the main road when I realized I left my purse on the table and had to turn around. I called my friend to tell her, ran in the house and went on our way. Later that same night we were going to meet my mom and grandad for dinner. All the kids are loaded in the car and I was backing out of the driveway and about to push the button to close the garage when a little voice from the back seat of the van says, “Mommy?” I looked back and said, “yes Boo Boo?” (My nickname I’ve called him since he was a baby) He, very courteously says, “Don’t forget your purse.” Then throws his head back and starts CRACKING UP LAUGHING! Oh. My. Word. Did my two year old just poke fun at me? Yes, yes I think he did. BOOGER!

One night it was just the two of us on our way home from church. He hadn’t really eaten well before we went so we went through the Chick-fil-a drive thru. As we were getting the food he reminds me, “don’t forget the Polynesian, Mommy.” Polynesian. Not ketchup. Not '”dip” but Polynesian. Ok, big boy! So I let him eat in the car on the way home. Ever since then he LOVES to eat in the car. It’s a rare occasion, but he loves to do it and asks all the time.


In the past couple months he’s developed an even greater bond and love with the pets. He’s absolutely in love with Carly. He likes to actually go outside and throw, well, attempt to throw, the ball with her. He love to pet Sammi and Cali. Ok, well, maybe Cali won’t let him, but he love to pet Sammi. (on very rare occasions he asks where Roxy is (she passed away in February and was 16 or 17 years old) and says he misses her.)


One of the things floating around on Pinterest has been interview questions for your kids. Asking them the same list of questions every year to see how they grow and change. Well, I thought this was the perfect time to start that. Collin’s vocabulary is ridiculous and he can communicate with anyone with no problem. So, these are the questions I asked him, and will hopefully be asking every year and will hopefully start with the twins when they turn three also. And no, I did not edit or prompt any of the answers. I asked him these things while he was laying on the couch next to me not napping today. I wrote down exactly how he answered me. Word. for Word.

What is your favorite color? Dark Blue

Who is your best friend? Gavin and Peyton

What is your favorite toy? Thomas

What is your favorite book? Bible

What do you want to be when you grow up? A People

What is your favorite movie? Incredibles

What is your favorite thing to do with Mommy and Daddy? Making cupcakes

What do you want for Christmas? Jake’s pirate ship, Buckey.

What is your favorite thing to do outside? To play

What is your favorite food? Chicken

What is your favorite fruit? Strawberries

What is your favorite drink? Water

What is your favorite place to eat? Chick-fil-a

What is your favorite TV show? Team Umizoomi

What is your favorite game? Hungry Hungry Hippos

Where is Jesus? In the Bible

What do you like to sleep with? My blanket

What is your favorite snack? Fruit snack

What is your favorite song? Twinkle Twinkle

Where is your favorite place to go? To Disney World

Rather than doing a big birthday party like we did for his first and second birthday, Devin and I took him to Disney World. Just the three of us. (We went back in May with all five of us, but I’m a big fat slacker and never actually posted about it. So I figure I should include this trip in his birthday post or else I might never do it) We didn’t tell him where we were going, just that he was going with just Mommy and Daddy. Talk about an excited little boy when he figured out where we were. I was just as excited watching him. It really was a fantastic experience for all three of us. On his actual birthday we just had our family come over after church for cupcakes and ice cream. It was a great way to celebrate our little Boo Boo :)


A little excited about his first time going to Disney World


From his Birthday Trip



He really surprised me and was actually excited about his Halloween costume and wore all the pieces. ALL NIGHT!


He got a good chunk of money for his birthday, even for a teenager got a good chuck of money. So, I took him to the store to pick out his own toy. He has been stuck on Hungry Hungry Hippos since an episode of Doc McStuffins. Talk about an excited little boy, and brother and sister. It’s adorable to see them all playing a real game together. 




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  1. Nice, long post! I hate when I have so much to catch up on, but then you don't want to leave anything out! I love the questionnaire. I may have to do that with Peyton :)