Friday, December 14, 2012

Picture This

I'm changing diaper in the morning. I got Justin undressed and changed his diaper. During that time, Lana found her Thing Wig from Halloween and brought it to me to put on her. So, I did. She also brought me her purple jacket she had on the day before. Justin is now in just a diaper but Lana is in her pajamas, blue wig, and purple jacket. I got up to go get some clothes to dress them for the day and came back to find them both on the Thomas train. Neither really wanted the other one there. Lana was leaning backwards in effort to push Justin off. Justin was pushing forward in effort to get Lana off. While neither wanted the other on the train, neither was really upset by the fact the other was there, just didn't want to share. I reached for my phone to capture the picture. I leave you with this...

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