Monday, March 28, 2011

What’s for Dinner?

A LONG time ago Angela told me she made homemade pizza rolls. When she blogged about it, I had to give it a shot. It is now one of my favorite things to make. And since I’ve had a lot of people ask about it/laugh when they see “pizza rolls” on my weekly meal menu, I decided I should do a post of my own. So… here goes!




  • Pizza Crust (I had to ask where this was. It’s in the cooler section with the Pillsbury biscuits and croissants. Usually all the way at the top) You IMG_2919can almost always find a coupon for 50 cents off the purchase of two, and get them when they are BOGO)
  • Mozzarella cheese (I think it’s easier if you use the already shredded kind")
  • Favorite Pizza toppings (we use pepperoni and Italian sausage) (Remember the more you stuff the bigger the rolls are and the more difficult it can be to make and eat)
  • Ragu Pizza Sauce (Found with the other Ragu spaghetti sauces)
  • We also have a seasoning that specifically is called “Pizza seasoning”

What to do:

  • Roll out  pizza dough. (I find its easier to work with when it’s really cold, but not frozen (obviously)) and cut it into even rectangle-square-ish pieces (if you can get them even, you’re my hero)IMG_2911
  • Place desired toppings NOT INCLUDING THE SAUCE onto each piece. (I’ve found that cutting the pepperoni into quarters, and sausage into tinier chunks makes for easier biting and eating)
  • Pull the four corners together and make a ball. Yes, they will all be different sizes (Unless you’re my hero and can make them all even) Place the rolls into a greased pan (I use a 9x11)


  • Once you’ve rolled everything, sprinkle any desired seasoning on top


  • Bake according to the directions on the Pillsbury dough container. I believe it’s 475 degrees. Just like anything else, baking time will vary. I’ve done anywhere from 10-20 minutes. I keep an eye on them and when the tops are a nice brown color and the sides aren’t doughy anymore then I say they are done and take them out. A real science, I know. 


  • Don’t forget the Ragu! It’s for dipping! :) Some people like to heat it a little, some don’t. That’s up to you. VOILA! You’re done, enjoy your homemade pizza rolls! They are SO MUCH BETTER than anything you’ll pull from the freezer section! Hands down. 



This amount is usually good for both Devin and I. Sometimes we’ll have some left over, sometimes we won’t. Just depends on the day and how hungry we both are. Plus, Collin loves pizza and enjoys them also. He eats one or two easily.

***Disclaimer*** It took me several a few times making these before I got them perfect. Not enough cheese, too long in the oven, not long enough in the oven, the pepperoni to sausage ratio wasn’t right, blah blah blah. So if they don’t turn out “just perfect” the first time, PLEASE don’t give up. It’s totally worth trying again. PROMISE!