Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Let me begin by saying, yes, I know how ridiculous I’m about to sound. But, I don’t care. So there!


So with the impending arrivals coming this summer, the question of vehicle has come up. Which makes me sad, because everyone knows how much I absolutely love my Accord. L-O-V-E. The Accord would be perfect for two car seats. But, that’s just not our case anymore. We will be bringing two home, at once. To one that is already at home. Making three. Yikes.

So originally the though was to keep the Accord and sell/trade the Civic for an SUV(/::cringe::minivan). Obviously I’m not keen on the idea of a minivan. But what kills me almost more than the thought of driving a mom-mobile is the thought of not even having my Accord in the garage anymore. It was a thought that had crossed my mind, but I never wanted to dwell on, then Devin brought it up because he had been thinking about it also.

Enter Sadness.

The Civic is paid off. The Civic is a hybrid. The Civic is a commuter car. The Accord is not paid off. The Accord is not a hybrid. I wouldn’t exactly call the Accord a commuter car. So, with a VERY heavy heart, I do believe we have decided to, ::tearing up now:: trade :( my :( Accord :( WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :’(

Believe me when I say this is going to be just as tough for me as having twins in our lives. Also believe me when I say, I could probably handle driving a minivan knowing it was parked next to my Accord and it was still in the family. I’m going to have to take a SERIOUS big girl pill the day I have to say goodbye to my pretty Accord baby.

Until then, I’m soaking in oppertunity I have to drive with the windows down, sunroof open, and radio up. The SUV-minivan conversation, is still in the works. Seriously, no idea how that is going to end. I just can’t express how much I really don’t want a minivan. But again, I’m sure I’m going to end up taking another big girl pill. :(


  1. Your post makes me laugh. I too cringe at the thought of the minivan. But right now, my only "babies" are two furry felines who can fit in the front seat in a carrier together.

    That said, though I certainly sympahtize, I would also like to take the time to reflect on how blessed you (we) are! I guess I'm in the "think of how lucky we are" mood more than normal, since I just returned from Nicaragua.

    You can afford to buy a minivan! I'm doing a global health elective right now, and learning that about 5/6 of the world makes less in a year, than your minivan will cost. About 1/6 probably make in a year what one monthly payment will cost. I just bought a new SUV in December, and when I first drove it after getting back from Nicaragua, it really hit me. I'm driving a car worth more than most people on this planet will make in their entire lives!

    I'm sorry you have to give up the car you love. But I'm excited that God is blessing you with two more little bundles of joy! And that He has blessed you with the means to provide for them! :)

  2. I told you we could trade me picking sports the kids play for you picking the vehicle we drive! :)