Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 Facebook Pet Peeves

***Disclaimer*** This is MY LIST. If you made the list, so sorry. Don’t take it personally. Just fix it :) HAHA! I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to lose any major friendships over this. Some minor ones, perhaps ;) But no one I can’t live without :) I kid. I kid… or do I???

  1. Liking your own status or picture- obviously you like it, you posted
  2. When your name isn’t your name
  3. Profile pictures that aren’t you- this includes your pets and most of all YOUR CHILDREN. I’m ok with it, if YOU’RE IN THE PICTURE. But, I’m sorry, it’s not Fluffy’s or Suzie’s profile, it’s yours.
  4. Horoscopes- honestly, I don’t read my own, I don’t care what yours says every single day
  5. “Husband Day” “Awesome Mommy Week” “Sister Month”- if my fill in the blank with appropriate relative  does something spectacular, I’ll post about it. I don’t need a “special day” that some random person designated a over year ago, but it’s just now getting around to someone I know.
  6. Eight different music videos that "touched your heart” all in a row. One, ok, but no more.
  7. Sideways pictures… there is a way to fix it. Please do.
  8. The latest high score you got on whatever game you happen to be playing today- unless you topped the high score list on Doodle Jump I don’t really care.
  9. Constant and incessant complaining and whining- Oh. My. Gosh. SOMETHING has to be good in your life, you woke up didn’t you? Thank God for another gloriously crappy day or something!
  10. Intentional misspellings- everyone has the occasional typo and/or autocorrect but srlys ur not da Chick-Fil-A couz.


  1. I agree with all of these-- EXCEPT number 3. Seeing as how I'm currently guilty. haha. I don't have a problem with people putting their kids as their pictures, a lot of times there's an adorable pic of Lu that I just have to have as my default. She's my heart. But dogs, your car, the beach... yeah, put them in a different album.

  2. Oh, and remember when I did one of these lists in a blog post and it was like 100 points long? haha.

  3. Ditto everything Charish said...only with the amendment that my child's name is Dallas :)

  4. I agree.... except sometimes I like my own pictures. haha