Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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Yes! We have upgraded our house! In more than one day. Our Arygle house has had many improvements over the past four years (A/C Unit, fence, stove, dishwasher, hardwood floors, light fixtures, roof, front door, bedroom carpet, outside paint…) and I really like what we’ve done with it. Then what’s the problem right? Well, it’s definitely true that you grow into what you have, and with the addition of Collin, we have quickly outgrown what we have. So, we upgraded! Here are some pictures of our NEW HOME! These were all taken the day that I first looked at the house with our agent. Once we get settled in and the mess and chaos is under control, I’ll post “our pictures.”

We have realy doubled the size of our old home. We now have, a two story, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home with an upstairs loft, indoor laundry room, and formal living and dining rooms :)

Front of the house

photo (21)

Formal Living room

Formal Living

Formal Dining room

 Fomal Dining

Family Room

  Family Room Family Room from Kitchen

Kitchen :)


Laundry room (leading to TWO car garage)

Utility Room to Garage

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Master Bath2  Master Bath

Stairs and Loft view

  Stairs to Loft and BedroomsUpstairs lotf view to FR

Upstairs Bedrooms

  Bedroom 2Bedroom 1

Upstairs Bathroom

Upstairs Bath


We, of course, had a little drama with the closing. Every day the bank was calling with something else I needed to fax into them. It was rather annoying, but I should have expected it. The original closing date was set for April 23, but got pushed back to April 30. April 30 rolled around and the closing time was set for 3:30. So we did the final walk through at 3:00, then went to the bank to get the cashier’s check for closing. Only, we didn’t know the amount yet. After hanging out at the bank for over an hour, it was close to 5:00. Our agent called and said to make the check for $XXXX and we would get a refund check if it was too much, and would have to send in more if it was too little. The banks close at 5:00 so it was pretty much our only option, other than postponing closing again. So we got the check and went to the office to sign the paperwork. Well, the paperwork wasn’t there, nor was the closer. So we called around to find a notary. The notary (our agents son-in-law) got there before the paperwork. The four of us (my mom had Collin, THANK YOU JESUS) sat and talked in the office for hours. We FINALLY closed at 8:30. Literally FIVE HOURS after we were suppose to!

Anyway, since then we have been slowly but surely moving in. We’ve had appliances delivered and other people coming and going doing estimates for this-that-and-the-other. So stay tuned for more house drama and updated pictures!


  1. Yeah... so am I, and I know about a ton, but it was a matter of getting a hold of someone who could meet us. Little did we know they only would have had to be there hours later!

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  3. Yeah but you can't notarize your own docs. And what am I doing all day? I would have so missed watching my soaps for ya'll. lol