Friday, February 19, 2010

Home Improvement

So, in December we went to Altamonte Springs with Devin while he taught a class and I began looking at houses on Zillow. At the time I thought it was A Bad Idea. Well, since then Devin and I have talked about it and decided that now would actually be a good time to be looking to buy a new house. Basically for the reasons that made me mad before. We can get a much larger house for about the same price, if not a little less in some cases.

We have since contacted a property manager and gotten a real estate agent, who I’ve known for years. We are making some improvements to our current house so we can rent it. Devin is in the process of painting the exterior and tomorrow we are having new carpet installed in the three bedrooms. We got the carpet from the same people who did our hardwood floors in the dining and living room, so we know they do a good job.

We have seen a couple houses that we like. The problem is that I really like one, and Devin really likes another. (I think that I will ultimately win, should we not find one we both really like. Which is the goal) So until we can compromise we are going to keep looking and find out we both love. So our starter house really is becoming our starter house as we begin looking for our “family” house. I want to be in Clay County and we like the area we are in now, so Oakleaf here we come! (Hopefully!)


(Pictures of the improvements to come soon!)


  1. That's really exciting! It's so fun looking for a house too.

  2. Hey stranger. You should post pics of your new floors. I wanna see!!