Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I’m Not a Slacker, I’m a Mommy

It has been pointed out to me, on more than one occasion that since I have stopped working my blogging has suffered. That’s because I’m completely IN LOVE with my little man and LOVE being a stay-at-home-mommy :) I didn’t know that I would like it SO MUCH! I can’t imagine not spending everyday with him and watching him learning new things all the time and changing daily. He does so good with his tummy time now, he almost never puts his head down, even when he’s had it and is screaming to be moved. About a week ago I had the video camera out and he rolled over from his tummy to his back. ***Yes Devin, I know it was an accident, but HE STILL DID IT! And I got it on video!*** He’s sleeping A LOT better too. For over a week now, he sleeps for five hours straight. Last night, it was six! He constantly watching what is going on around him. All of that said, my absolute FAVORITE thing he does now, is giggle. Devin got him to do it first and I’ve been trying to figure out what will make him laugh for weeks. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when he giggles and gets so happy. He’ll laugh when we play peek-a-boo, when I curl him in my arms and go “nom! nom! nom!” and if I laugh at him for a little while. I could sit and make him laugh all day long and be completely happy with what I did for the day. He’s also go this dog that sings, counts, says colors, which he LOVES. I was on the floor playing with him last night and he was so infatuated with it. He was reaching out to grab and hold it. He is able to hit the foot and play one of the songs. He gets so excited when it sings and lights up.

Since my last post Devin and I have decided to move! We knew when we bought out house it was going to be the “starter house” and we only would be in it for four or five years. March will be fours years, I can hardly believe it. We are fixing up the house to rent out and upgrade to something larger in the Oakleaf area. We will be putting in new flooring in the bedrooms and have already started giving the house a fresh coat of paint on the outside.

The day I blogged about the March for Life, was also Cheryl’s lingerie shower and bachelorette party. Then the next day, the 23rd, was her wedding. She made such a beautiful bride. Everything about the ceremony and reception were so pretty. ***you can see her professional photos at www.mikebayley.com password: cheryljesse)  Here are just a few from the party and wedding:

image image image image  image image image 

The weekend was pretty busy. Friday we went to see Dane Cook. Saturday I went to see “Dear John” with the girls from church and then to Olive Garden for dinner. Then Sunday we when to church, house hunting, and then to Chris and Heather’s for the Super Bowl (HAHA! Take DAT Peyton Manning!!!!) Saturday while I was gone Carly was outside in the back yard. This is nothing out of the norm. She’s outside a lot. Well, when Devin let her in that night, she had a cut on her paw and knee, and a gash at her armpit. She was so scared and shaking so we let her sleep in our room (something she hasn’t done since Collin was born) Saturday and Sunday night. It took both of us to hold her so we could get peroxide on her. She wasn’t really happy about that. I called the vet first thing Monday morning and was able to bring her in for an appointment at 9:30. Luckily, I have several friends who don’t work and can help me out in times like this. Heather went with me and Collin to take Carly in. There is no way I would have been able to do it alone. Carly ended up staying at the vet all day, we (along with Heather) had to go back later in the afternoon to pick her up. Since she went to the vet and got stitches in her armpit, she hasn’t been herself. She’s been very slow moving and quite. She doesn’t want to get up and go outside and really doesn’t want to take the pill I have to give her. I had to break it and poor the power in my hand and have her lick my hand in order for her to get her medicine. I have to take her back in 10 days to have them removed. I feel so bad for her :(

I know no one likes to hear this much about someone’s kid, but I blog about my life and Collin is my life, so I’ll end with this… Collin is now more than three months old! I have taken more than a fair share of pictuers of him, here are a few of the most recent ones caught on my phone. (On a side note, I’ve also “upgraded” my cell phone to my brother old iPhone, and I’m not exactly sure if I love it like the rest of the world or not. For starters I can’t sent or receive picture messages. This is REALLY upsetting to me because I would text my dad and mom a Collin picture almost daily. And the battery life isn’t all that great. Playing Doodle Jump will kill the battery in no time at all. The End.)


Such a cool little dude :)


Collin comforting Carly. She had to get stitches and wasn’t quite herself. 


Happy Boy

 image image

Sleepy Boy

image  image  image

HEHEHE! I LOVE this one!


And because I don’t blog more often, the result is extremely long posts :)

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  1. Collin is such a punkin'! Love seeing his sweet face so you keep on posting those pictures :-)