Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Boy and His Dog

Since the very first day we brought Collin home, Carly has been extremely protective of him. When I change his diaper or nurse him and he fusses or cries, she gets mad and thinks that I’m hurting him. Over the last month and a half she’s gotten a lot better and doesn’t think I’m hurting him anymore. She LOVES him and he seems to love her too. It’s SO CUTE! I had the video camera out the other day and was able to get a pictures of them together. These are some of my favorites :) (Yes, there have been several open mouth kisses shared between the two of them.)

 DSC00058DSC00061 DSC00065 DSC00066  DSC00031   DSC00039 DSC00040


Today Collin just so happens to be FOUR MONTHS OLD. We go on Tuesday to the pediatrician to get more shots, this makes me sad to know it’s coming :(