Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Bad Idea

Since I’m at home with Collin everyday, Devin suggested that we go with him to Orlando this week while he teaches a class. Why not? I can feed Collin, watch TLC and HGTV and be on the internet the same as I can at home, just with a different view. So, that’s what we did. Devin and I packed up a plethora of stuff (taking a baby on a road trip required a lot of stuff!) and came to Orlando.

I actually do more than surf the internet and watch TV when I’m at home, but here in the Orlando hotel room (which is really nice, we have a full kitchen, two rooms, two bathrooms, and a living room with a rollout couch) there isn’t much more to do when Collin is sleeping.

So I got tired of watching TLC (I can only watch so many wedding dresses 4 years after my wedding, and I’ve never been one for the baby shows) and switched to HGTV. I can watch decorating shows all day long! Unfortunately for me, the decorating shows weren’t on, it was the house hunting and house selling shows. This is where the bad idea happened. This week as I’m sitting with the TV and computer on, I have been visiting web sites that aren’t normally on my list of sites I go to. (Meaning, more than Facebook and Woot). Since the computer was on and these house selling shows were on I though, “hmm, I wonder what our house is worth.” Considering we bought our house at the worst possible time right before the housing market crashed, we paid top dollar for our little house, and needless to say with the market as crappy as it is right now, it’s not worth near what we paid for it. 

That’s not the end of the bad idea. So not only did I depress myself with what our house is not worth, I decided since I was already on that I would look for houses that we would want to buy. Devin and I knew when we bought our house that it wasn’t going to be permanent and that within five or six years we would want to move. Preferably before our kids we didn’t have yet started school because I wanted to be in Clay County by that time. We also knew that we liked the area we are in, and if we cross Argyle Forest, we are in Clay County. So like a dummy I started looking for bigger houses in Oakleaf.

It really stinks that we could get a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house that’s 500-600 square feet bigger than our 1,180 for the same price, or less in some cases, that what we paid for ours.

Here are three that I found:


3570 Waterford Oaks Drive, Orange Park

Price: $137,750
Bed/Bath: 4/2
Sq Ft: 1,768
image 3412 Crane Hill Ct, Orange Park

Price: $140,000
Bed/Bath: 4/2
Sq Ft: 1,768
image 760 Bellshire Dr, Orange Park

Price: $133,000
Bed/Bath: 4/2
Sq Ft: 1,762

Remember what our house looked like when we bought it and what it looks like now?

image Then: $139,000 and now $124,000


It just makes me sad :(


  1. I know that isn't good news. We paid way more than that for our house and we are buying during the down times. Yikes!

  2. On a semi positive note, Zillow has been reporting that the value have inched up little by little for Jacksonville. And have you updated your Zillow for your house? With ours it had incorrect info and it was missing things so when I corrected it it rose the value of our townhouse. Also Zillow has our house under valued by 10k compared with the appraisal that we had done when we bought.