Monday, September 28, 2009

Showered with Love at 34 Weeks

CIMG2290I had my first shower Saturday, hosted by Brittany and Ashley with little sprinkles  from lost of others that made the day perfect. Brittany graciously opened her house and decorated in pretty brown and green, inspired by the ribbon she bought months ago (and is wrapped around the diaper cake). Ashley knows me all too well and had all my favorite kinds of finger foods (and my favorite chicken salad!). Mandi made and decorated the yummy funfetti cake,CIMG2346 complete with Jellybean/Necco/Lifesaver pacifiers. Sarah and Mandy guessed pretty exactly how big my belly is, and Baby BINGO was, CIMG2344interesting (I LOVE YOU BRITTANY!). Brittany had a little baby-brain moment and printed out 20 of the same BINGO card. After a good laugh, we altered the game to have everyone fill in their own cards on a makeshift BINGO card we whipped up in CIMG2343Word. I’m so excited to get the pictures printed and start scrapbooking them. I love the picture of the four bellies. Sarah is due in October, me in November, Amanda in January, and Brittany is May (or April, I can’t remember). I had such a good time and love each of them so much!

Thank You ALL!

Brittany, Ashley, Mandi, Mandy, April, Sarah, Amanda, Tiffany, Linda, Mrs. Patti, Mom, Mom K., Amy, Cheryl, Tracie, and Kendall!

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