Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oops! Apparently Not Working Agrees With Me :)

Apparently not working has left me with a lack of material to talk about. That or I’ve just been enjoying life that I haven’t thought about it! Lets see, where to start?

Um… after I got off work (the week before Labor Day) I got to spend Friday and Saturday with my great friends, from our awesome Sunday School class, at the amazing Beth Moore simulcast, our wonderful church hosted. There really are no words to describe the experience. Other than saying it’s be a really long time since I had that feeling, I’m not even going to attempt it. Sunday morning I got up and went to church then enjoyed the last couple of hours with Devin before he left for Los Angeles for the week. By the end of that great weekend, I was more than exhausted, my feet and knees were swollen to the point that I couldn’t wear anything other than flip flops and my back and hip hurt so bad I could hardly stand it. I slept all week on my heating pad, just praying that it would help. By the end of the week, I felt a lot better and I wasn’t swollen anymore. YAY!

Devin got home Saturday afternoon. I was EXTREMELY happy he was home. I can handle being home alone during the day, it’s relaxing. But him being gone all week, was well, lonely. It was different from when he was in Tallahassee. I was in school, and didn’t really have time to get lonely, I was preoccupied with homework and projects. My great friends made sure I wasn’t by myself for very long though. I scrapbooked ALL DAY with Brittany one day, went to lunch and the Towncenter with Angela and Charish another, had ice cream with Brittany after church on Wednesday, visited just about every member of my family in Lake Asbury Thursday, and Friday morning I spent with the girls in my Sunday School class, where Brittany told us she’s pregnant again! It was a very successful last vacation before Collin comes. I knew that I had great friends, but I think I realized even more how much they have come to mean to me over the past couple of years.

Since my vacation just so happened to land next to Labor Day weekend, Devin and I got to spend Monday together, while he tried to recuperate from his LA Jet Lag. So by the time I went back to work on Tuesday, I had a very difficult time getting up and going in. But I didn’t mind once I was there. I had my heating pad, which I took at a precaution, and glad I did because I used it all day. Last Wednesday (my second day back to work) I had a doctors appointment at 4:00. When I got there, my legs, knees, and feet were really swollen and I was having problems walking. Since this had been going on for a month or so, my doctor told me that I was no longer allowed to work, but I wasn’t on bed rest. Apparently bed rest would only make me gain weight faster (which I don’t need) and keep the progression of labor from happening (which I don’t need either). But on the other hand I obviously was on my feet and working too much, so she took me out of work, and is sending me to Brooks Rehab to help with my back pain. (I start the 29th at 7:45 in the morning!) I have been told that I’m not on bed rest, but I’m not allowed to work, so basically, I have to find the happy medium of staying active but not pushing myself so that my back hurts and my feet and legs are swollen.

I called my boss and told her right away and let her know that I’d be in the next morning to turn in my keys, cash drawer, and get all my paperwork in order. She was concerned but I told her my doctor said it was ok as long at I wasn’t actually “working” and was gone by lunch. My goal was to be out by noon, I was gone from work for the last time at 12:30 Thursday the 10th. Part of me was extremely relieved and felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of me, but another part of me was sad and still thinking about all the tings that I still needed to do at work. But, I’m not there, so technically, it’s not my problem anymore. But that’s not me, I don’t like relinquishing control. It gets easier every day not to think about it :)

Since I’ve been out of work almost a full week, I’ve felt a lot better. I’ve noticed that I apparently do know my limits because I don’t have the back pain anymore and the swelling in my feet and knees isn’t nearly as bad as it was while I was working. I’ve gotten to spend some time with the girls in my Sunday School class, ran some errands for Devin, spent the afternoon with Ashley and Anekah while they had pictures taken and Mandy (from church) came over today and painted Collin’s room (yes, AGAIN). I’ve been home everyday by 1:00 and been able to take a nap. We’ve saved money because I’m not eating out for lunch everyday (I’ve been really good about eating at home!) and (don’t laugh) we’ve planned out dinner for the next two weeks, so there is no question about what we will be having and I can start it before Devin gets home from work. In addition to all these GREAT perks to staying home, I’ve been able to devote the deserved time to my Beth Moore Bible study and reading. I have two books Devin and I got from Family Christian for $6, and three books my boss got me when I left work. Again, everyday gets easier and I’m pretty sure I can get used to this whole, not working thing.

In the coming weeks I’m looking forward to the Friday morning meetings with the girls in my Sunday School class, scrapbooking with them this weekend, my niece's birthday party (at our house) also this weekend, two baby showers for friends, and three for myself. Yes three. One from my wonderful friends from church, one from my sister-in-law for my family, and one from my great bank co-workers. Hopefully by that point, Collin will be ready to grace us with his presence :)

All in all, life is good. God has been working in my life in ways I could have never fathom before. Devin and I have never been happier. My friends have never been better. Although I’m still not one of those women who “loves being pregnant” I’m definitely loving this time in my life. 

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  1. I'm so glad you're finally feeling better!! you like the color you painted Collin's room? You need to post pictures since I won't be able to come and see it for a while!