Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Working Is Exhausting

It’s been a busy um… oh yeah, four days.

Thursday, I had lunch with Raechel and Lilly. I love sushi, and it cracks me up to see Lilly eating it from my chopsticks :) Then that night Devin and I watched Anekah for Chris and Ashley since it was their Fourth Anniversary. I made wonderful hotdogs and mac and cheese. Anekah thoroughly enjoyed her dinner while her parents were having their anniversary dinner at Sushi Rock. A whole hour and a half of watching the Noggin channel (which is apparently something we have to get used to!) the doorbell rang, I thought it was my brother. But alas, Ashley and Chris could not be apart from their little girl for very long and they came back to get her. Just for the record, if it’s your anniversary and you have friends that have offered to watch your child(ren) take more than an hour and a half, PLEASE! (LOVE YOU ASHLEY!) so they hung out for a little while then headed home, just as Bradley, Derrick, and Daniel were getting to the house, McFlurries in hand, to watch the Office premier. I went to bed anxiously awaiting to hear from Angela the next day, Dallas was coming soon!

Friday, what seemed like the longest day every. Spent the morning with the church girls then went to Publix to pick up food for the next night. Since I had some time (because Dallas was going to be taking her time) I went to the Middleburg Publix and had lunch with my old boss, then did my shopping. As I was looking for the special pasta for my nephews, I called Jenn, my sister-in-law, so she could tell me where to find it. She wasn’t home, so I asked a worker man where it was. He didn’t know, but was going to find someone who knew where it was. As I turned to follow him, I said, “Never mind, I found it.” I found it because I saw Jenn across the way. Small world. After some hugs and special pasta I headed home to put everything away and then visit Angela. I spent the next three hours hanging out with her, Dustin, and both sets of their parents. I got home about 7:00 and began cleaning the house (with LOTS of help from Devin) for diner the next night. Camille, our niece, turned 2 Thursday, and her family birthday party was at our house Saturday night. We got a message about 9:00 that Dallas was here! at 11:00 Angela called and we went to visit. SHE’S SO ADORABLE. I love that little girl so much already! It was a short visit since it was so late, but it was a good visit. Dallas was only 4 hours old when we got to see her for the first time. (I’m definitely MORE than ready to hold Collin in my arms now!) Devin and I finally got to bed about 1 in the morning.

Saturday: SCRAPBOOKING time! YAY! I had been looking forward to scrapbooking for a month! I got absolutely SQUAT done in the like five hours I was at Brittany’s, but I didn’t care. I had so much fun with the girls seeing what they were doing and playing with the Design Studio. After my lack of scrapbooking I ran home to start cooking dinner for the in-laws. Part way through dinner, my mom called. It’s NEVER a good sign when your mom calls when she knows your hosting your in-laws and starts with, “my phone is going dead, so I need you to listen without freaking out on me.” So I listened as she told me my grandmother was in the emergency room and was going to be there overnight because she had a stroke earlier in the day. So, after the in-laws left (but not before Jenn had offered multiple times to clean up so I could leave, who by the way was unable to eat anything because she was sick, she’s just that awesome of a person) we cleaned up enough so that food would be stuck on the dishes for the next year then headed to the hospital. Truth be told, I probably would have been at the hospital that evening anyway, however, it would have been at Baptist, not Orange Park, and it would have been in the Maternity Ward with Angela, Dustin and Dallas, not in the Emergency Room with my grandmother. The first one sounds much more fun doesn’t it? So after some visiting with my grandmother, (who had tests done today, and is doing fine, and hopefully going home tonight) we came home and Devin and Bradley finish putting the new fan up in our bedroom.

Sunday I pulled triple duty at church. Rather than working the check in for just the second hour of church, I worked, first hour, Sunday School, and second hour. After which Devin and I had lunch with April and Ryan at Texas Roadhouse. I ordered Chicken Critters. There was so much batter on them that they really did look lie critters. I ended up peeling more than half of the batter off of all of them and ate just the chicken (which was REALLY good!). One of my favorite part of any week is the Sunday afternoon nap. This Sunday’s nap was particularly good given the events that the last couple days entailed. When I woke up Devin and Bradley had installed another fan, this time in the living room. We (well, Devin and Bradley) have officially changed out every light fixture in our house. All the bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and hallway. Alright, I guess I lied, the bathrooms are still the same, but I don’t think I want those changed. After my amazing nap, I put together some leftovers and brought them to Dustin and Angela so they could have something other than the tasty hospital food. Angela insisted that I didn’t have to bring them food, but I had to inform her that there were ulterior motives to my food kindness. I wanted to see and hold Dallas again… DUH! :)

That brings me to today, I didn’t do anything! I slept in to 9:30, and stayed on the couch doing nothing but relax and hope that the sweling in my knees and ankles went down. Which it almost did. Now, I’m looking forward to having dinner with our good friends Sam and Meg tonight. Busy busy days. But I love not working, life is good and I’ve got the best friends in the world!


  1. I feel like such a bum, I work for literally 2 hours in the morning (from like 8-10) and then i come home and do absolutely nothing now! it's ridiculous! I wish we lived a little closer!

    I'm so jealous of Angela! :D I want Luci to be here SO BAD! I can't wait!!

    I bet your lights look AMAZE. (: We still have all our crappy ones except in Luci's room && the kitchen. :( It's on the list! We (Eric) painted our bedroom this week && put up the insulation in our new family room... I'm in the process of finding new bedroom furniture for our room && redecorating the entire house, lol. Um, can you say "NESTiNG"??! :D So much fun! We need to go on a double date or something soon!!

  2. ummm... that isn't entirely true sister. The light in your guest bathroom over the toilet has been changed out. But, sadly I was not present for the entire thing. Come to think of it, I believe I got there just as Devin and Kyle(??) were finishing that one up.

    P.S. If I ever blog again, my kitchen light looks pretty awesome. And quite the task to do alone as I know Devin can attest to from doing your hallway by himself.

  3. I'll leave her over night next time if you want me to. :) Then you will never volunteer again! hehe Thanks again for watching her for an hour and a half. That was the most quiet hour and a half i have had in a lonnnng time!! Love you

    ps.. actually all the red hat ladies made the evening not so quiet, i know, i lied!!

  4. You are one BUSY lady!! Enjoy all of the running around you can do now, because you know you won't be in a few weeks!!! ;)