Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why is my blog being gay?

I’ve had a lot going on with work lately and the last thing I have wanted to do is get on the computer when I get home. So, I don’t. Ha. Oh yeah, and not to mention that Raechel’s husband Danny had to have emergency surgery Monday so I was at their house at 1:30 AM so she could take him to the ER. Then Tuesday I brought them dinner. I know, I’m such a good friend. I love you Raechel!!! I hope Danny is feeling better :)

Anyway the point being that I haven’t even checked anyone else’s blog either. So I get on this afternoon, after my nap of course, to find that nobody else has blogged in over a week either? What? I don’t understand. Surely at least one of these people I follow would have done something. So I refreshed my page. Nothing. Bradley had informed me that he had returned from his blogging sabbatical (the main reason why I decided to look), but alas, the same title was there that had been there for a month. I clicked on his name anyway, and sure enough there was a new payphone blog. I was still confused because when I went back to my blog via his, everything was still jacked up.

Point being, well, nothing. Just something to rant about so it’s been less than a week since I posted something.


And the proof that my blog really is/was being gay….




  1. My blog roll does this all. the. time. It drives me crazy!! Then I have to go and manually check each blog to see who really has updated. I didn't think it happened to anyone but me. I think it must be an overall Blogger website problem.

  2. Ahh!! Your approval is gone! Yay! So now I know that I really did beat Bradley on this post :)

  3. It must just be you two, mine never does that to me. I am going to go nerd on you here so be careful. Try clearing the cookies when that happens. I'm not talking about chocolate chip either. Although that would be delicious. And I am super excited that you removed the approval thing. However, Angela beating me is not acceptable. I will fix this on the next post. Don't forget to add your email address in there so it emails you when you get comments sister!

  4. Awesome! You checked mine too. By the way thats great publicity for my blog, being highlighted and all. I guess I should get to blogging more.