Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When did I sign up for this again?

When you first sign up for a a new e-mail account the inbox is never full. Ever. In fact, it’s the opposite. You’re lucky to get any mail at all. But several years in, it’s all crap. This is why I have decided that I hate checking my e-mail and refuse to do it more than once a week, if that. This leads to the lack of postings in the last week or so. I don’t want to turn the computer on just for a few minutes. It’s just annoying. If I’m going to turn the computer on, I want to have a mission: e-mail, Facebook, blog, etc. I’m not one to “surf the internet” so that’s basically it. Anyway, my point to this rant was that I got all the crap e-mail and I don’t remember singing up for any of it!

  • Webshots (x4)
  • LowerMyBills (x3)
  • Orlando Venues All Access (x5 over three days)
  • StyleMyHouse is giving away #10k (x2)
  • Victoria’s Secret (x2)
  • Costco Rewards (x2… I’m pretty sure I’ve never even set foot in a Costco!)
  • jhmac01@optionline.net (x1, what the heck is this?)
  • Costa (x1, again, what the heck is this?)
  • JaxEvents (x5 in just two days!)

Not to mention the notifications from Facebook and the blog, plus about 10 FWD e-mails that I immediately delete. Contrary to popular belief, if I delete an e-mail it doesn’t mean that I don’t love Jesus. I do. And I will continue to delete stupid forwarded e-mails. Period. Zero. End of story.


  1. I love your comment about Forwards. I feel the same way and it really annoys me when they say, "if you don't forward this email you are ashamed of Jesus," followed by some quotation of scripture.

  2. I agree with you both, and don't forget the ones that sa, 'If you do forward this something miraculous will happen in the next 10 minutes....really if you find something that is worth passing along, which most isn't, please strip off the garbage!