Friday, May 8, 2009

Always Keep the Receipt

Last week while I was on vacation I took Wednesday to visit my very awesome friend Angela at work. Then we went to dinner  at the St. Johns Town Center and then shopped at the only Destination Maternity within like a billion mile radius. We both got some stuff, which was good cause I needed it. Although, because we do have some of the same stuff, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until we meet up for dinner wearing the same outfit. Guess it will make for a good picture and blog the next day. As we are checking out the cashier is asking all kinds of questions. In the midst of these questions she says, “would you like us to send you two free issues of Parenting magazine?” Angela and I both agree and provided the necessary information to have the magazine sent to our respective mailboxes. To complete the “free” issues we had to sign the signature pad. The girl said we had to sign to confirm that we were accepting the free issues. Fine. I understand signing to acknowledge something. Evening over. Drive home. Try on clothes. Look at receipt. Read something interesting…

“Parenting Preview Terms

I will receive two preview issues of Parenting Early Years magazine to preview in the 60 days after I receive my first issue. After the preview period, I will receive 18 more issues. Parenting will automatically charge my credit/debit card (or send me an invoice if I am paying with cash) for $20 at the end of the preview period.

I can cancel anytime during the preview period by calling 877-604-7858 toll-free or by wiring “cancel” on my bill if I am a cash client, and I will owe nothing. Any preview issues I receive are mine to keep.

I authorize Destination Maternity Corporation to transfer my name, address and credit/debit card information to Parenting solely for fulfillment of this offer.

This offer is valid for new subscribers only.

*Plus sales tax where applicable. Parenting Early Years is published 11 times a year. The newsstand price is $3.99. Subscribers; If the Post Office reports your magazine as undeliverable Parenting has no further obligation unless you supply a corrected address within 2 years.

Have questions visit

That’s dirty! I’m SO glad I read the receipt! Well, when I called I was surprised to actually get a live person right away. Just for the record, you have to wait until you receive the first issue to call and cancel because Destination Maternity takes about three weeks to get your information to Parenting then however long after that to actually get the first issue to your house.

Lesson Learned.


  1. What a bunch of lying sacks of crap. I hate that store, and not just because they have pictures of topless women feeding their kids, but mostly because they swarm you like sharks around a wounded fish. Then they tell your wife that everything looks great on her, even if it is a $130 pair of jeans that she can only wear for a couple more months. I freaking hate that store.

  2. Wow, Dustin. I honestly had no idea you felt that way. Geesh!

    I just got the first thing from them in the mail. Time to cancel!

    P.s. I tagged you for something on my blog!

  3. I got the bill Saturday! But no magazine yet! What the heck?