Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Always Coca-Cola and Johnny Rockets

Pretty much from the moment we got home from Atlanta I’ve been sick, again. Stuffy/runny nose, pounding head, coughing, sneezing, can’t breath. Is this the pig flu? I hope not! But I think that is what I’m going to start telling my customers who ask me the very obvious “are you sick?” SO ANNOYING! Anyway, it doesn’t stop the fact that Atlanta was freaking awesome and the Coke Museum was just a little fizzy drop of heaven. :) Since we didn’t go to Six Flags I didn’t think the “no pregnant ladies” thing was going to affect me. There was a 4D show about the “secret ingredient” in Coke. Since the seats moved a little bit I was forced to sit in the back row in the motionless seats. It made me feel old. If Ashley didn’t get motion sickness anyway, I would have felt really bad for making them sit in the boring seats. I wanted to take everything home and put it in my kitchen house.

CIMG1917 CIMG1933

 CIMG1936CIMG1918 CIMG1929 CIMG1920

CIMG1941 CIMG1943

After I peed about three time after tasting all the different Coke flavors from around the world and hugging the Coca-Cola Polar Bear (who was a flirt!) we all headed to Johnny Rockets for lunch. I think we spent more time picking out songs to listen to than we did looking at the menu. Still, a great place to eat when on Vacation :)

CIMG1953 CIMG1954 CIMG1957 CIMG1955

CIMG1956 CIMG1958

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