Saturday, September 8, 2012

School Supply Fun

Last year just as the “Pinterest Craze” was starting my friend Sarah found a school supplies cake that she liked. She went me a picture of it and said “I want to make one of these or want someone to give me one of these.” Dually noted Sarah ;)

Each year our church does a school supplies drive for three local schools in the area. Knowing about this cake idea I did some research and went to work with the help of our Sunday School class. Without them, this would not have been possible. We made not one, not two, but three school supply cakes for three girls in our class who teach elementary school. Sarah was one of them. We also kept it a secret from them :)

I have had several people ask what went into the cakes so here ya go!


  • 3 Round Nesting Paper Mache boxes (JoAnn Fabric s sells them in a bundle together, 6-8-10 inches)
  • The Cake plate is 12” round (go bigger if you want extra room on the base)
  • Paint color of your choice (if you want to paint the boxes) and ribbon of your choosing
  • 3 large rubber bands (Fill the boxes with what you want first then put a rubber band around the box. Insert supplies between the box and the rubber band and you don’t have to use any type of adhesive)
  • Supplies for the Outside of the Cake
    • Tissue Box
    • 40 markers (4 boxes of 10)
    • 8 boxes of 24count crayons
    • 4 bottles “regular size” glue
    • 4 bottles travel size hand sanitizer
    • 12 travel size packets of tissue


Paint the boxes and let them dry (duh…)

photo 1 (5)photo 2bphoto 3b

All the supplies and Treasure Box Trinkets (we filled the top and middle boxes with these fun trinkets. The bottom box had a bag of cotton balls, two boxes of sandwich bags, red pens (for grading) and fun pencils)

photo 4photo 5b

Starting with the largest box on the bottom, place the rubber band around the box and insert glue, hand sanitizer and tissues. Do the same with the crayons on the middle box/layer and the markers for the top. Because we painted the boxes, it didn’t look bad where there were gaps between the crayon boxes and markers. 

photo 2

Each cake had this really cute ruler ribbon in the middle and One Fish Two Fish on the bottom layer. The top layer on each had a different color scheme, but all polka dots.

photo 3

The finished products!!!



  1. I'm glad I could inspire a Blog Post :) I still haven't taken my cake apart. I might need to to get at those boxes in order to get the sandwich bags out.
    On a serious note, you have no idea how much this gift meant to me. I really appreciate you guys thinking about me and creating such a thoughtful gift.

  2. Where did you get the blocks from