Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Justin and Lana: 15 Weeks

Again, with the slacking. Slacking, or being a mom of three. You choose. I’ve taken no less than a million pictures of Collin, Justin and Lana in the last several weeks. (Well, two years, but those were just of Collin…)

Lets see, at birth:

  • Justin: 6lb 2oz 19 inches long
  • Lana: 5lb 8 oz 19 inches long

At two months:

  • Justin: 11lb 7oz 22.5 (25-50%) inches long (25%)
  • Lana: 11lb 5.5 oz 22 (50-75%) inches long (25%)

I love these babies more than I ever thought that I could. Each day they get cuter and cuter. Some days I think I seriously may burst with joy.

Justin still remains to be the fussier of the two. Although, he has calmed down immensely. They have both started sleeping much, much better. I have gone from getting up every two hours to every three hours to twice a night, to now we are up (unless it’s a bad night) only once. It’s a nice surprise. I honestly didn’t think that I would get any sleep for at least eight months. Collin was eight months old before he was only up once a night. But, I have learned that I should really not compare them to Collin. After all, they are all individuals. Three separate children. And I love all three of them more than I ever thought possible.

Since their two month appointment, Lana has really chunked up Smile It’s absolutely fantastic. She’s got these cheeks and thighs that are so squeezable it’s ridiculous. She now weighs a little more than a pound more than Justin. The strange thing… I’m pretty sure he eats more than she does. Poor girls metabolism just isn’t what Brother’s is. I love it though. Babies are suppose to be chunky. Here I go comparing again, but Collin was a chunk-and-a-half and now I can’t even find pants to stay around his waist. I’m sure Lana will slim down when she starts moving. Justin, on the other hand is just long and lean. We have a bunch of size 1 diapers that are going in the closet for the next diaper cake I’ll make. They/Lana definitely needs to go up a size. They are wearing 3-6 month clothes. I feel like they should still be in their newborn clothes, but at the same time sitting up and rolling over. Silly mommy.

Justin enjoys being on his tummy a lot more than Lana. Lana will hold her head up for a minute or two before she starts to get lazy and puts it down and pitches a fit. Justin, however, will just chill and check out what’s going on around him for up to 15 or 20 minutes before he gets tired of being on his tummy.

Both will roll over from their tummy to their back and are desperately trying to roll from their back to there tummies at some points.

We’ve started sitting them in the Bumbos for short amounts of time. Because they don’t hold their heads up consistently without giving up we sit right next to them and they only sit for 5 or 10 minutes.

I get smiles from both of them when I go in to get them from bed. This makes me so incredibly happy.

Both enjoy their bath time.

Both have had their first colds. And their second. (Gotten from Collin, passed back to Collin, and then Collin shared again, he’s so sweet…) I took them to the doctor this week and both have the beginning of an ear infection, both in their right ears, so both are on amoxicillin for that.

They made it through their first birthday party (Collin’s not theirs Winking smile ), Halloween carnival, trick-or-treating, Mom to Mom, play date, and Thanksgiving. I really couldn’t be happier with them and how well they are doing.


Their first photoshoot


First day in church




Newborn “Littles” Onesies and pants


Starting to get that chunk!


Little Brother and Little Sister


All three of my babies have been escape artists


So glad I’m able to catch their smiles on camera



Most days I can’t get over how pretty this girl is


Collin’s Birthday/Halloween Costumes


Lana’s fist Big bow and headband




Justin chillin’ at Collin’s doctor’s appointment


“How you doin’?”




Bumbo Babies


3-6 month “Littles” onesies and pants


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