Monday, November 28, 2011

2 Year Old Collin

I honestly don’t know what to say about this kid. He is my world. Every day is something new and a new adventure with him. I love it.

His two year stats are:

  • 26 pounds is the 25%
  • 34 3/4 inches tall puts him in the 50-75%
  • This explains why is pants are always falling off his waist. They have to be long enough but are too big in the waist :)

I lost count a LONG time ago of the words that he says because he’s talking in full sentences now. First it was just things like “there’s the ball” but now I can ask him a question and get a real answer. If he’s coughing or choking on something and I ask “Are you OK, Collin” he’s response, even though watery eyes and catching his breath, is always, “I’m fine, Mama.” I remember the first time he said it, I was driving and I chuckled to myself, “I’m fine, Mama.” Not, “OK” or even “OK Mama.” It was “I’m fine Mama.”

He is such a polite little boy. He has been saying “Please” and “Thank You” for six months or so. With his complete sentences, he will now ask specifically for something, “Please, cookie, Mama” and then “Thank you, Mama” Every time he does it I smile and can’t help but tell him how much I love him. To which he replies “Love you, Mama.” Seriously, I could just squeeze him all day long.

He’s adapted really well to having a new brother and sister. It was touch and go there for a couple weeks in the beginning, but I really think he loves them. I think for having his solo world bombarded with two new little babies he’s done amazingly well. There have been several different occasions that I’ve seen/caught him “taking care of” them. The first time I saw him try to help, Justin was in the swing crying, Collin tried to give him the pacifier. Just last week I was folding clothes on the floor and had Lana in my lap at the same time. Justin was, again, in the swing, but it wasn’t swinging. Justin started to cry and before I could get up and get to him, Collin was there. He started to swing him, after a couple pushes he reached up and pulled the mobile over Justin’s head so he could see it, then he turned on the music and walked behind the swing and pushed him for about a minute and said, “It’s OK Justin.” I watched in awe as Justin fell. back. asleep. and Collin went back to doing what he had been doing. That moment I teared up and was so happy.

There is so much I could write about this kid but I don’t have the time for that, so here’s the usual bullet list

  • Trying to give up afternoon naps
  • Opening doors he can pull open (Pushing a door open is serving a problem at the moment)
  • UNLOCKS the doors – I’m getting nervous he’ll unlock the front door to go to the park
  • Climbs on the playground equipment like it’s no big deal
  • LOVES animals, shapes, colors, and number
  • His favorite shows are Pocoyo, Team Umizoomi, and Blue’s Clues. He’s also recently taken a liking to VeggieTales. It’s affectionately known as “Bobby” 
  • Answers the questions when the shows ask a question
  • Loves to be outside – I wish I could take him out more.
  • Says his prayers before we eat and bedtime
  • Gets excited when I tell him we are going to church
  • Learned what his birthday was and gets excited about parties and presents now :) It was really cute to hear him say “OH BOY! OH BOY! OH BOY!” when he opened presents
  • He’s learning to dress himself
  • Loves trains, airplanes and building with his blocks

I suppose I should try to make more time to sit down and write more because there is just too much to talk about. This kid is absolutely amazing. So cute, smart, and funny. He’s got it all Winking smile 

















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