Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Year and a Half

Every time. It never fails. I can’t believe how fast the last few months have gone by and how big Collin is getting. I took him for his 18 month appointment last week. He took his one shot like a champ, hardly even flinched. He’s increased in both his height and weight percentiles, so Mama’s happy :) He’s 24 pounds (25%) and 32 3/4 inches (90%).

He’s changing so much every day, I’m having a hard time keeping up with all the new things he’s learning. It seems like there is a new word every day or every other day. New animal sounds, actions, and personality traits coming along all the time.

  • We were FINALLY able to get him to eat vegetables! He will down half a can of vegetable soup like it’s his favorite food ever :) This was a CIMG4337 HUGE accomplishment for us
  • He loves to color (had a few incidents with the walls, but I had him “clean it up” and haven’t had any issues since) Tells me all the time “ca” and “pa-per”
  • Dances to music
  • Has started to “sing”
  • Says “peas” and “daaan doo”
  • Knows how to call for the cats to give them treats, he makes the kissing noise. It’s too cute, too bad the cats want nothing to do wit8h him really
  • Calls Carly in from the back yard and claps his hands to get her attention
  • Builds a building (or had me build one) and tried to blow it down… every time
  • Carries his own diaper and drink “ba-pak” It really makes him look like a big kid
  • When I ask him where the babies are he either points to my belly or lifts his shirt and points to his :) hehehe then he says “bebe” or “bella-bella” (baby and belly)
  • Entered (and has pretty much exited) a hitting and pushing phase10
  • Has started to pull at his diaper :/
  • Gives not only high five, but also fist bumps and says “boom”
  • He LOVES the Cat in the Hat. Both the book and the tv show. In the book, when they “see all those things fall” he says “oh no!” and on tv he sings, “two! GO GO!” (On the show it says 3-2-1 Here we go go go go on an adventure)
  • 14Naps and goes to bed really pretty well without any fuss
  • Will help clean up the big toys in the living room, with very specific and repeated instruction (put the block in the basket, get that block and put it in the basket, are there more blocks to put in the basket…?)
  • Says “su-sor” Which is “sorry” when he’s told he’s done something wrong and is told to “say your sorry”
  • If he thinks you are hurt or sad, he will get a sad face, put his head down, open his arms and give you a very comforting hug and say “awe”
  • Loves grapes, bananas, and… Oreos

4 5 6

  • Knows when we go to Publix that he gets a cookie, and repeatedly says “cookie” until we get to the counter. Where he has to say “please” first and before his first bite must say “thank you” If he sees a balloon while we are there, I will hear “balloo-balloo” until he7 gets one or can’t see the balloon anymore. Usually, if he gets one, shopping is much easier
  • When he looses a sandal or shoe, he immediately tells me “Sue! sue!”
  • Says “AMEN!” after the blessing
  • When we are pulling into church I ask him where we are, he’ll say “Chuch” and on occasion will say “Jes-sus”
  • Prefers to drink from a big cup than his cup


  • Has been to the fair

CIMG4290 CIMG4309 CIMG4323

  • Hunted for Easter eggs

CIMG4443 CIMG4450 CIMG4454

  • Visited the Fire Station (These pictures were too cute to make smaller)

CIMG4382 CIMG4385 CIMG4425

I just love this kid so stinkin’ much. He’s too much for words :) He melts my heart.


  1. Wooo! Way to be able to sit long enough to type a very thorough update!! I'm impressed ;) I'm dreading doing one for Peyton, even though I need to! There's just way too much!

  2. Yeah, GiGi's just turns to mush too! Very nice post :)