Friday, April 8, 2011

It’s a… And a…

After and eventful week last week, we had to postpone “THE” appointment where we found out what Thing One and Thing Two were from Monday this week to Friday this week. Well, it’s FRIDAY this week, and we were at the doctor at 8:00 this morning. So ladies and gentlemen without further ado I give you…

Thing One and Thing Two!

photo (12)

It’s a BOY!

photo (13)

And a GIRL!

  photo (16)


Today marks 18 weeks! Everything looked good on both babies :) And since everyone told me I didn’t look pregnant in my 16 picture, here’s the update. (and if you see me later in the day, I DO look MUCH bigger, promise!) I’m even more frustrated with clothes than I was two weeks ago. I can fit into my normal jeans, but I don’t like to sit in them, even with a bella band. I can also fit into my maternity jeans, but I don’t like them because they fall down, even with a bella band. My normal shirts fit, but I look fat, not pregnant. And my maternity shirts fit-ish, but are really long still or make me look like I’m way bigger than I actually am. Enough complaining about my clothes… Here’s me, er, us?




My Honey and Me :)



  1. I am LOVING your hair and makeup! You definitely have that glow (: I know what you mean about yor clothes and everything, that was the WORST stage for me. Too big for your normal clothes, too small for maternity clothes. Half way over though! I am SO excited! :D PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me help you decorate! lolol (:

  2. YEA!!!!!! Get ready for this girl to wear PINK!!hehe ;) JK! So excited for you guys! Collin gets a brudder!!!