Monday, November 29, 2010

Collin’s First Airplane

I have no idea where the time goes. Apparently it is going by just as fast as it did when I was in elementary school, but at the same time, it SO-DOES-NOT (said in the Ross voice). I can’t believe that Collin’s birthday has come and gone, our New Jersey trip has come and gone, Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Christmas is just around the corner. Goodness… 

So at the beginning of the month Mom, Bradley, Collin and I packed up and went to New Jersey for a few days. It was my first time going on a trip without Devin. If I have to go without him, I’m glad it was with my mom and Brudder. Three adults,one one year old and stroller, four carry-ons, two large tote bags, one backpack, and one car seat made for a fun time. It sounds bad. I was dreading it in the weeks leading up to it, but overall, it wasn’t bad at all. Collin did really well. Much better than I thought he was going to do actually.

Collin didn’t sleep much Thursday when we left. It was a VERY long day. But we made it to Newark alive. We even made it to the car rental place and to my aunts house alive and in once piece too. The fact that we (Mom) drove ourselves was a success in itself. Thursday night my aunt made dinner and my dad came over and we all had a nice night relaxing.

Friday was fun. My old youth pastor and his family live in New Jersey now, a little more than an hour south of where my Dad and aunt are. We couldn’t travel all the way up the coast and not go visit them. Poor Missy had just had knee surgery but still came out to dinner with us. I felt so bad for her but was really happy she did. We had dinner at Red Robin. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one here in Florida (not that I have been to all of Florida or anything) so it was nice to go someplace we don’t go to everyday. After dinner Mike took us to see their church. It was awesome, they had just redone their youth room. I had a cool youth room and hang out when I was in high school, but this place was so amazingly awesome. Their children’s church is the old main auditorium, and was so much fun. They only live a few minutes from the church so we got to go back to their house and hand out for a few hours. It was definitely a high point of our trip. The little girls I babysat have grown up into beautiful teenagers. I miss them.

Saturday was my cousins daughters birthday, and since Collin’s birthday was just a couple weeks earlier we had a big birthday party Jersey Style! It was so much fun. All my cousins kids playing and running around with Collin, was so cute. They all had a great time. I’m sure my grandmother loved seeing them all together too. My ant it a fantastic cake decorator, so I was really looking forward to what she was going to make. Autumn (my cousins daughter) wanted Tinkerbell and Collin got a train. They were ADORABLE!

Sunday morning we got up and went to my grandma’s house for breakfast, church, and a big lunch. While everyone went to church, I was the heathen that stayed home with Collin. It was naptime and it would not have been good for him to be at their little church missing a nap. So I stayed back and put him down, and maybe took a nap myself :) Sunday night Bradley and I left Collin with my mom and aunt and we went to dinner with my dad before we left Monday morning.

Monday was another long day, but thankfully we made it home alive. I felt really bad for Brudder. We landed in Jacksonville at 5 something. He went to get the car, changed suitcases, and walked back in the airport to catch a flight to Atlanta at 7 something for work. I know he had to be exhausted by the time he got back home the following Friday night about 8:00.

I was annoyed with myself when I realized that I wasn’t taking any pictures, so I have minimal pictures to show of our trip. But, here they are!

On the plane, looking out the window, then passed out


Collin with Morgan and Maddie


I love these girls!


Collin’s Train Cake!


Autumn’s Tinkerbell Cake



 NJ9 NJ10

Ready to go home


He slept MUCH better on the way home


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  1. I had seen Red Robin commercials in Tallahassee, but I never saw one until I went to Pensacola. Never been there though.