Saturday, October 30, 2010


I seriously cannot believe that it was (now, more than) a year ago that we were blessed beyond belief with the most precious, adorable, loving, sweet baby ever! This past year has been absolutely incredible. Just when I think I know what’s going on and what is about to happens, everyday turns into a new adventure. I’ve gone from getting up at least every two hours to nurse Collin, to homemade puréed foods, to solids. From laying him on the couch while I take a shower, to watching him roll over, crawl, walk, run, and climb. From the rolly polly blob of a boy with eight chins and twelve fat rolls on his arms and legs to a tall skinny little boy whose pants I have to roll over to keep them up. From only sleeping two hours at a time throughout the day to sleeping eleven to twelve hours at night and two hour to two hour naps during the day. From newborn diapers for a minute, size one and two diapers for about a week each, to size three diapers for the past six months. There really are no words to describe how this last year has been, therefore, I’m not even going to try. All I can really say that that God has blessed us so much more than I ever could imagined was possible.


With that being said, here’s the 12 month/ONE YEAR update on my little man!

  • We go to the doctor on Monday for his one year well check appointment, so height and weight will have to wait.
  • 12-18 month cloths, just depends
  • Appetite varies. Some days he’s a garbage disposal, some days he hardly eats a few peach slices. But is generally a very good eater.


  • Loves goldfish (and on a completely unrelated note, the Goldfish with extra cheddar, are FANTASTIC and completely addicting!)
  • Has been drinking from a straw for several months.


  • This kid climbs on anything and everything possible. He’s a dare devil and I’m pretty sure I’m just waiting it out until I have to take him to the doctor because he’s really hurt himself.

image image

  • He’s gone from pushing the Thomas Train to the couch and climbing up to just climbing straight up onto the couch.


  • We got him his own chair for his birthday, he thinks it’s to climb on half the time.

image image

  • He wants to climb in and out of the tub himself (no, we don’t let him)
  • Tries to climb out of his highchair.
  • My Dad spent a week with us, we went to the zoo. Then Devin and I took him again on his birthday. He LOVES IT! SO much more than when we took him in May.

image CIMG4096

  • He mastered “no no no no no no” and shakes his head and waves his arms while doing so.
  • Got tooth number 7 and is desperately working on number 8 (I wish it would hurry up and come through already so he’d stop chewing in his fingers and drooling)
  • Loves balloons

image 100_4327

image image

  • Is really trying to talk, bad. It sounds like he’s trying to say “what’s that?” and “look at that” while he points at things. Points to the cats and says “cat” and is working on looking at Carly and saying “dog” He’s doing a lot more mimicking, does the same number of syllables after we say something.
  • Had his first birthday party (look for the post in a few days/weeks, whenever I happen to find the time to do it)

100_6281 100_6282


  1. It’s been a wonderful year to watching Collin grow but it hasn’t been just Collin. I may be a little partial but Devin and Erin have grown into excellent parents. I am very proud of both of them. May God continue to bless your family as you trust him in all you do!

  2. What a sweet post Erin! I cannot believe it has been a year and I am not even his mama- I'll bet it felt like lightspeed to you :-)